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NY Post
New York Post
27 May 2023

NextImg:Jeff Bezos mid-life crisis rumors resurface after Lauren Sanchez proposal

Is Jeff Bezos having a mid-life crisis?

Some think so, given the recent actions of the 59-year-old mogul, who just proposed to longtime gal pal Lauren Sanchez with a 20-carat $2.5 million rock on the maiden voyage of his $500 million yacht Koru.

Once a quintessential tech nerd, Bezos has taken to wearing form-fitting clothes, funky sunglasses and acting like “horny teenagers” with Sanchez, who greatly resembles the busty figurehead on Koru, the world’s tallest sailing yacht.

Bezos now appears to be having a “mid-life crisis to end them all” after waiting until he took ownership of the 417-foot ship to pop the question to the 53-year-old TV presenter and helicopter pilot, the DailyMail reported.

The proposal was the culmination of the romance that began in secret but went public in 2019, shortly after Bezos and Sanchez announced they were divorcing their respective spouses.

The couple reportedly had an eight-month affair while still married to their partners before their divorces were initiated.

Jeff Bezos has been enjoying a vacation in the beautiful South of France alongside his now-fiance, Lauren Sanchez.
AbacaPress /

MUMBAI, INDIA - JANUARY 16: Lauren Sanchez and Jeff Bezos attend the Amazon Prime Video celebration on January 16, 2020 in Mumbai, India. (Photo by Prodip Guha/Getty Images)

Bezos, with Sanchez in 2020, has gone from being a textbook tech nerd to a loud dresser in recent years.
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For Bezos, that meant the end of his 25-year marriage to Mackenzie Scott while Sanchez cut things off with talent agent Patrick Whitesell following a nearly 15-year-marriage.

After Bezos, whose net worth is $138 billion, proposed to Sanchez, he resumed construction on his $175 million mega-mansion in Beverly Hills, California, on the estate previously owned by Warner Bros. president Jack Warner.

The flashy engagement is not the first time the Amazon boss was called out for showing the tell-tale signs of a mid-life crisis.

Bezos reportedly waited until taking ownership of his yacht before proposing to Sanchez.
Some have pointed out a resemblance between Sanchez and the figurehead on Bezos’s massive yacht, Koru.

Actor and comedian Anthony Anderson joked that Bezos appeared like he had a lot to prove after donning a cowboy hat to take a brief trip into orbit on his Blue Origin spaceship the star said resembled a metallic male appendage in July 2021.

“[Bezos] exited the rocket wearing a cowboy hat,” Anderson said while guest hosting “Jimmy Kimmel Live” days after days after the billionaire’s space endeavor. “Boy, nothing says ‘midlife crisis’ like putting on a cowboy hat and blasting off to space in a giant metal d–k.”

Others had similar reactions to Bezos’s space cowboy impersonation.

Bezos and Lauren Sanchez

Jeff Bezos sports tight clothes and heart-shaped sunglasses in this 2022 photo with Lauren Sanchez.
Lauren Sanchez/Instagram

The third-richest man in the world has since turned his attention to renovating his Beverly Hills, California, mansion.

“For all our sakes, let’s hope Jeff Bezos’s space trip is just a midlife crisis,” Guardian columnist Gaby Hinsloff wrote following the launch.

It was later reported that the Amazon founder was “volubly upset” when he tried on the blue jumpsuit he wore on the Blue Origin trip because it “fit poorly around the crotch.”

Alongside his massive yacht purchase and space travel, Bezos also reportedly tried to enter into the arena of professional sports by throwing his hat in the bidding for the Washington Commanders.

EXCLUSIVE: Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez aboard their yacht on May 21, 2023 during the 76th cannes Film Festival. Photo by ABACAPRESS.COM

Jeff Bezos and Lauren Sanchez aboard Koru last week. The couple became engaged after five years of dating.
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However, the owner of the Commanders, Dan Snyder, cut Bezos out of the bidding that reached $6 billion in late March.

It has since been rumored that Bezos may now be interested in buying the Seattle Seahawks, which is the next team expected to be sold.