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1 Apr 2023

NextImg:I’m a sleep expert — eat this fruit to snooze better and longer

Desperate for some shut-eye? The answer might be in your kitchen.

Toss the sleepy time tea and cut open a kiwi as a midnight snack — that’s right, experts claim the tiny green fruit could reset your sleep schedule.

The UK furniture retailer Bed Kingdom recommends eating kiwi before bed as an au natural sleep aid, citing past studies that found the fruit to be beneficial to sleep quality and efficiency.

The Bed Kingdom claims the antioxidant properties and vitamins in kiwi are an added bonus that could relieve symptoms of sleep disorders.

“Kiwi fruit has been a feature in many people’s bedtime routines for many years, and the science backs up the kiwi’s value as a sleep aid,” the experts told the West Wales Chronicle this week.

Kiwi, experts said, could benefit your sleep schedule.
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Other foods that could aid sleep are almonds, salmon, oats, avocados, eggs and bananas.

The sleep specialists also advise sticking to a strict snoozing schedule, avoiding caffeine too late in the day and exercising in the morning.

“To keep to a healthy sleep schedule, it is a good choice to limit caffeine intake in the later parts of the day and remove it completely as bedtime approaches,” the experts said, noting that caffeine, which is found in many teas, coffees and sodas, can take hours to leave the body.

Researchers have long debated the best time to exercise to yield the most favorable results.

Man with pillow on his head in bed

Drinking coffee or working out too late in the day could impair sleep.
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Some studies show that a mid-afternoon workout could boost life longevity, while another claimed a nighttime gym sesh is more beneficial.

Sleeping too much or too little could wreak havoc on the immune system.

A study earlier this month found that people who got more than nine hours of shut-eye and those who received less than six were at higher risk of infections.