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NextImg:I wasn’t allowed to date until 16 — now I have 12 kids after being a teen mom

Britni Church wasn’t allowed to date until she was 16 in her “strict Christian household” — but she ended up getting pregnant at 15.

She got married and gave birth shortly after her 16th birthday. Now, at 34, she’s the mom of 12 kids.

In a TikTok series racking up millions of views, Church describes how her unusual situation came to be, claiming that her ex, who was 17 at the time, showed interest in her one fateful day in 2002 — and the rest was history.

The mom, from Arkansas City, Kansas, reports that she tried to leave her now-ex-husband several times in their six-year marriage, which she alleges was fraught with drug use and “abuse.”

At the time, she was hell-bent on making their partnership work, fearing the reality of being a single mom of three kids at just 18 years old.

She continued to have more children with her second husband in the hopes of birthing a little girl.
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“I wanted our kids to have a ‘normal’ life,” she admitted in one video.

But after welcoming their fifth child, Church called it quits for good in 2010.

After the divorce, she unexpectedly fell pregnant with her sixth child before meeting her now-husband, Chris, a sub-contractor, in 2014.

The couple had six children together, including a set of triplet boys, and by the time she was 32, she was a mom of 12.

“We were married and had our first child within the first year of meeting each other,” she recalled in one clip.

But, she assured viewers she is “100% sure that we’re done” having kids.

Britni Church in a TikTok

Her parents wouldn’t allow her to date until she was 16, but she became pregnant at 15.

Britni Church in a TikTok

She alleged that her ex-husband was abusive and an addict, but she claimed she couldn’t leave him and continued to get pregnant.

Naturally, her 1.8 million followers fired away in the comments, wondering if she was on birth control or if she was forced to get married so young.

She explained that she was worried that her ex-husband would be suspicious if she received hormonal birth control.

“It wasn’t something that I could talk about,” she admitted.

But she swears she doesn’t regret any of her beloved children – Crizman, Jordan, Caleb, Jace, Cadence, Jesalyn, Silas, Christopher Jr., Oliver, Asher, Abel, and Rowyn (born in 2021) — believing “that there’s a reason why they’re here.”

Britni Church in a TikTok

She doesn’t regret any of her kids, she assured her viewers.

On TikTok, many followers praised her for sharing her story.

“All in all, you’ve always been and always will be a beautiful woman and mother. Your children are blessings and you’re raising them to be great people,” one kind person gushed.

“You talking about it gives others hope,” cheered another. “Thank you.”

“I made a mess with only 2 kids… have all my respect,” quipped someone else.

Church previously told Mercury News that her family feels “normal” despite its size and the “stares” from strangers in public.

“I love having a big family — there’s always someone to talk to,” she said.