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1 Apr 2023

NextImg:I shed a pound a week — by eating pasta for every meal

Think of the pasta-bilties!

A personal trainer claims he achieved what health nuts might think is impossible — losing weight while noshing on carbs every single day.

Ryan Mercer, 34, said he ate noodles for breakfast, lunch and dinner for three weeks to prove people can indulge in their favorite meals and still attain their ideal body.

“I’m hoping now that people will now understand that it’s not about what foods we eat, but eating in moderation,” Mercer, from Northern Ireland, told SWNS.

For those who just can’t give up their favorite foods — that’s amore!

Mercer claims he ate pasta for every meal over three weeks as part of his Mission Im-pasta-ble.
Ryan Mercer / SWNS

“Calories in versus calories out is what matters most when it comes to fat loss, and when it comes to fat loss, enjoying food should be a top priority,” added Mercer, claiming he lost 3.5 pounds during the 21-day challenge.

Now, pasta for every meal isn’t Mercer’s typical diet.

He says he aims for adequate protein and lots of fruits and vegetables. But to prove his point, he needed to take it to the extreme.

For five days a week, he consumed 2,000 calories of pasta, and 2,700 for the other two days, while maintaining his typical exercise routine of six workouts per week.

While not the most nutritious, the diet certainly saved him a pretty penne.

Mercer said he shelled out less than $4 a day for food and saved time by cooking up to 12 meals at once.

Ryan Mercer giving thumbs up

He claims he spent less than $4 a day on food, cooking large meals that could be portioned out.
Ryan Mercer / SWNS


He consumed various types of pasta for every meal for 21 days.
Ryan Mercer / SWNS

“I cooked everything from scratch. I found the prep side of things quite easy,” he explained.

“There was a little bit of variance week to week, but as I was batch cooking, I would have consumed the same meals three to four days in a row.”

Mercer is no stranger to restrictive and extreme challenges.

He previously embarked on a journey of only eating pizza for one month to prove a similar point — and he isn’t alone.

Ryan Mercer shirtless flexing

Not only did he reportedly shed some weight, but he showed that overloading on carbs doesn’t hurt.

One fitness influencer claims to eat 100 eggs a day to meet his protein goals, while one woman says she lost 30 pounds only consuming meat products.

On the other hand, a pair of nudists touted their fruit-only diet as the key to health — and eliminating body odor.

And a Nashville man recently vowed to only eat McDonald’s for 100 days to lose weight, insisting it is “absolutely” working.

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