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New York Post
1 Apr 2023

NextImg:I refused to move my car — a woman wrote a cruel message on the window

Someone’s gotta moo-ve.

A British woman claims she was branded a “selfish cow” after a heated parking spat Wednesday morning.

Alx Chibouni, 38, said she was waiting in her car with her 2-year-old when she was approached by an elderly woman who insisted she shouldn’t be parked in a loading zone, knocking on her window and insulting her.

“There was an older woman who started knocking on my window calling me a selfish cow,” Chibouni told SWNS.

The unidentified woman “kept knocking and knocking and knocking” while Chibouni’s toddler was in the back seat. Rolling up her window to avoid confrontation, she said she attempted to drive away — only to see “selfish cow” scrawled in bright pink lipstick across her passenger window.

Chibouni owns a butcher shop, and she says she was waiting to pick up deliveries.
Alx Chibouni / SWNS

She was parked in the loading bay near her family-run butcher shop, Arthurs Butchers and Delicatessen, claiming she was unable to park next to her own storefront because a van was blocking spots.

Chibouni said she was only parked for 10 minutes or less, just waiting to pick up deliveries.

“I was not obstructing anything, and she didn’t give me a chance to explain what I was doing there,” she told local outlet Devon Live, lamenting the lack of parking near her shop in Topsham.

“I was angry and upset by what happened. I often get odd looks when I am parked up, but I didn’t expect to get a reaction like that, especially with my 2-year-old in the back of the car.”

Selfish cow in pink lipstick written on car window

The elderly woman was so incensed that she allegedly scrawled “selfish cow” in pink lipstick across Chibouni’s passenger window.
Alx Chibouni / SWNS

Chibouni claims there are still “grease” remnants on her car window from the lipstick, though she ultimately decided not to make an official report.

“Life is tough enough at the moment — you’re stomping on someone when you do that,” she told SWNS about the incident. “I felt so small.”

“I just wish people were kinder,” she added.

Chibouni, left, with her mom

“I just wish people were kinder,” Chibouni said. Chibouni, left, inherited the shop from her mother, right.
Alx Chibouni / SWNS

Other shocking parking disputes have recently made headlines.

An Australian woman admitted to pouring boiling water and dog feces on cars parked outside her home after a complaint was made, while another driver reported finding “no parking” etched into her vehicle in a “short term visitor” spot.