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NY Post
New York Post
25 Mar 2023

NextImg:I just turned 109 years old — here’s my simple secret to a long life

Getting old doesn’t have to be the pits.

A great-grandmother who celebrated her 109th birthday on Thursday says the secret to longevity is being “stubborn” and drinking “plenty of water.”

Retired teacher Olive Edwards revealed she also eats three meals a day, preferring to polish off salmon and asparagus.

For her birthday lunch, she dined on salmon and vegetables that were specially prepared by the chef at the Birchlands Care Home in North Yorkshire, England.

“It’s a wonderful achievement for Olive,” a spokesperson for the facility told the York Press.

“She said she doesn’t want any fuss, but of course she will be spoiled with a celebration with staff at the home, residents and her family.”

Edwards was also presented a cake that resembled a floral basket and a special card from King Charles III congratulating her on reaching the milestone birthday.

“Salmon and asparagus is my favorite meal, and I always drank plenty of water and still do,” Edwards said.
Jam Press/Birchland Care Home

She celebrated with baked salmon, a floral cake and a picture of Queen Elizabeth II for her 108th birthday last year. The queen died in September at the age of 96.

Edwards was born in 1914, and she taught very young children for years.

She said she was fond of exercising, even into her later years.

“I enjoyed walking,” she told Jam Press. “When I was 80, I used to play football and cricket with my grandsons.”

Now she spends her days reading, knitting and sewing.

Olive Edwards and the cake for her 109th birthday

Edwards called her floral cake “beautiful.”
Jam Press/Birchland Care Home

She has two daughters, four grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.

The Birchlands Care Home posted photos of Edwards’ birthday party to its Facebook page, garnering many well wishes this week.

“Happy Birthday, 109 that’s amazing. Have a wonderful day Olive,” one person wrote.

“Aww what a wonderful achievement. Happy Birthday lovely lady,” enthused another.

“Oh my goodness Olive 109 years old today. Have a really lovely day xx, and enjoy that fabulous cake xx,” gushed a third.

Olive Edwards cuts the cake for her 109th birthday

Edwards also received a birthday card from King Charles III, who congratulated her on achieving the milestone.
Jam Press/Birchland Care Home

Though 109 is impressive, Edwards isn’t the oldest living person.

María Branyas Morera of Spain was bestowed that title in January by Guinness World Records. She turned 116 years old earlier this month.

Morera received the honor following the death of French nun Lucile Randon, aka Sister Andre, at age 118 on Jan. 17.