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11 Mar 2023

NextImg:Hollywood power failure stalls prep work for Oscars ceremony

No one can blame a Will Smith slap for this shocking development!

A temporary power outage in Hollywood Saturday briefly threw a wrench into preparations for Sunday’s Academy Awards.


Shortly after 1 p.m., power dropped on an entire block along the boulevard that includes the Dolby Theatre, where rehearsals were ongoing for the Oscars awards ceremony.

The blackout was brief in the building, and rehearsals moved ahead, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Crew and awards insiders were stuck in elevators, and local shop owners were forced to close early.

The news comes following days of heavy rains across the Los Angeles area that are expected to clear up before the awards show.


Chris Gardener, who writes for the media outlet, tweeted video of people walking along stalled elevators.

Shortly after 1 p.m., power dropped on an entire block which included the Dolby Theatre, where Oscars rehearsals were taking place.
AFP via Getty Images

He cited a source saying the scene inside Dolby was “chaotic” and that “It’s a good thing it wasn’t [Sunday].”

Jimmy Kimmel will be this year’s Oscars host.


The Academy is implementing measures to avoid “unprecedented” spectacles at this year’s 95th Academy Awards after Will Smith slapped Chris Rock during the live broadcast last year. 

During the ceremony, a “crisis team” will be poised to intervene should anything unanticipated occur

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