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Sponsor:  QWIKET.COM Sports Media Index – Perfect for Fantasy Sports Fans. Track media mentions of your fantasy team.
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1 Apr 2023

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Personal growth isn’t usually something you can sit down and rock through in a few minutes. Finding the time to sit down and read all those famous self-improvement books just might not be in the cards, even if you’re motivated to work on yourself. If you want to make your own personal growth fit into your busy schedule, try Headway and see how fun improving yourself can be. For a limited time, a lifetime subscription only costs $69.99 (reg. $299).

You aren’t the only one who feels stuck in their routine. A 2021 survey found that up to 80% of Americans feel the same way, but you can start working on it with some help from Headway. A full book takes a ton of time to read, but 15-minute bite-sized personalized learning sessions may be a bit easier to schedule. The way it works is that Headway gathers meaningful insights that come from best-selling nonfiction books and condenses them into tips and insights you can actually use in your real life.

These insights aren’t a substitute for a full book, but you probably can’t get through a full book on your lunch break or learn something new, useful, and actionable on the bus home. As one reviewer puts it, “[Headway is] a worthy tool for you if you’re too busy in your day-to-day schedule and can’t allocate time for self-improvement.”

Join 15+ million users in gamifying your growth. Track your progress as you learn, collect achievements, and watch how quickly you start to notice changes in your life.

Make personal improvement a game you can win. During the Spring Digital Blowout, you can get a lifetime subscription to Headway on sale for $69.99 (Reg. $299). No coupon needed.

Prices subject to change.