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NY Post
New York Post
8 Apr 2023

NextImg:Fight the good fight against China’s organ harvesting

A Chinese diplomat’s emailed rant to Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ) shows how spooked the Chinese Communist Party is by his recent House-passed bill to levy harsh and deserved penalties against anyone in China involved in organ harvesting.

Beijing’s depraved industry — an industrial-scale sci-fi horror reminiscent of the worst Nazi atrocities — shows the true, inhuman nature of China’s government.

And the Communists know it, hence their emissaries’ fury when anyone brings up the ugly truth.

“China firmly rejects this absurd bill,” blared Zhou Zheng, a political staffer at China’s embassy in DC, in the email.

Harvesting is a “farce” and a “scam hyped up” by the “anti-human” “cult” Falun Gong (which is simply a long-persecuted dissident religious movement) — and as fake as the “so-called ‘genocide’” of the Uighurs. 

No: Organ harvesting is all too real (as is the Uighur genocide). 

Its victims are mainly Falun Gong members, Uighur and other ethnic minorities and prisoners of conscience, held in camps and executed more or less at Beijing’s convenience.

China’s own internal transplant numbers prove beyond any doubt that the source of organs can’t be naturally deceased donors. 

By 2012, doctors in China were reportedly performing more than 60,000 transplants a year, with wait times of two weeks. 

The average wait time under normal circumstances is around two years.  

Since at least 2016, Beijing has been forcibly testing Uighur (and other minorities) seemingly for tissue matches, as well as performing medical exams congruent with eventual organ exploitation on prisoner intake. 

There are fast lanes — the so-called “green passages” — at airports in Xinjiang devoted to making sure outgoing organ-transplant material gets moved before it becomes unusable. 

Ample, harrowing eyewitness testimony confirms the big-picture data, like that from a doctor forced to remove organs from a prisoner with a gunshot wound, who would have lived with adequate medical treatment.   

Even the United Nations, which happily aids Beijing in its Uighur-genocide denial, admits that organ harvesting is likely happening in the People’s Republic. 

In other words, denying that China harvests organs is tantamount to claiming the Holocaust never happened, or that the Rwandan genocide is fictional. 

And the Western world, instead of cowering before Xi, should be taking its cue from Rep. Smith and other brave voices on this issue. 

The fact that an official representative of Xi’s government feels he has the breathing room to write and send a bizarre denunciation like this shows just how weak the free world’s position on China has grown, even on unambiguously clear moral issues. 

The horror won’t end until the West stops looking away.