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17 Feb 2024

NextImg:Fanatics Sportsbook promo code: Potential $1K in 10 days across 12 states for NBA All-Star Game, other matchups

The apparel company Fanatics has slid into the sports betting market with a new product: Fanatics Sportsbook.

You can get up to $1,000 in bonus bets over 10 days when you sign up with the Fanatics Sportsbook promo code offer. There’s no actual promo code required for this promotion, so you can easily get started with this link.

Fanatics Sportsbook is now available in 12 states: Colorado, Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Vermont, Virginia and West Virginia.

This promotion is distinct from virtually every other welcome offer across the U.S., so we’ll outline the important terms and conditions below.

The daily examples below will demonstrate the best use of this promotion.

As noted, this promotion requires a daily cash wager for 10 days to earn the full bonus bet total. Beyond just that, Fanatics Sportsbook is unique in that it allows you to redeem any bonus bets earned on merchandise.  

The Fanatics website has tons of different options with everything from Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl LVIII hats to Dragon Ball Z pullovers.

Take a look at the daily examples we’ve provided below for more clarity on this offer.

Day 1: You opt-in and bet $100 in cash on the Texas A&M Aggies moneyline (+120) against the Alabama Crimson Tide. If the Aggies win, you’ll get $120 in profit and keep your cash stake. If the Crimson Tide win, you’ll forfeit your cash stake.

Regardless, you’ll get $100 in bonus bets.

Day 2: You forget to opt-in so you won’t earn any bonus bets for this day. You can still opt-in the next day and the remaining seven days to maximize your bonus bet value.

Day 3: You opt-in and bet $75 in cash on the West to cover the -2.5 spread (-110) against the East in the NBA All-Star game. Regardless of whether or not the West covers, you’ll get $75 in bonus bets as the bonus bet value is tethered to the value of your first cash wager.

You’ll repeat that process for the remaining seven days to get the most value out of this promotion. Based on the structure, you’ll need to make an initial cash bet of $100 everyday for 10 days to reach the full $1K value.

You’ll only be eligible for this offer if you’re 21 or older, present in a legal Fanatics Sportsbook jurisdiction and have not signed up with the sportsbook before. Even, if you signed up in a different state you’re ineligible.

Critically, you can still claim this promotion even if you’re not actually a resident of one of the legal jurisdictions. As long as you’re within the state boundaries and of eligible age, you’re covered. You’ll still use your legal home address to sign up for an account.

As mentioned above, you’ll need to opt-in to this promotion everyday and place a cash wager of $100 each day for 10 days to reach the $1K value.

  1. Use this link to access the downloadable Fanatics Sportsbook app. You’ll be directed to a landing page with a QR code to facilitate the download.
  2. Input the relevant personal information (real home address, birthdate, SSN, etc.) to set up your account. As noted, this is exclusively for new customers so you won’t be eligible if you’ve signed up in another state.
  3. Make a cash deposit to register your account. Major debit or bank cards are accepted but credit cards can are iffy at times, double check the Fanatics payment page to be sure.
  4. Opt-in and make your first cash bet. As noted, the amount of bonus bets you earn reflects the value of your first cash wager of the day. If you place an initial cash bet of $80, you’ll get $80 in bonus bets.
  5. Repeat that wager process for the next nine days to get the bonus bets.