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25 Mar 2023

NextImg:Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s daughters give him a makeover: ‘You’re a girl’

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson shared an adorable video of his young daughters, Jasmine, 7, and Tia, 4, giving him an eye-catching, pink-hued makeover on social media.

In the clip posted on Instagram Friday, the proud dad, 50, is seen sitting down with his famously shaven head covered in a neon lipstick shade.

The look is complimented by a black twirly mustache, a beard and just a hint of a unibrow.

Johnson shared in the caption of his hilarious video that his daughters asked to give him a “quick” makeover even though he had a zoom meeting scheduled in 10 minutes.

Luckily for Jasmine and Tia, whom “The Rock” shares with wife Lauren Hashian, the meeting was canceled.

Dwayne Johnson received an unusual makeover from his young daughters.

“my two tornadoes point and laugh uncontrollably with no mercy judgement,” Johnson also wrote, noting that he spent “an hour TRYING to scrub lipstick off my head and face – unbeknownst to me – this sh*t stains the skin ????????.”

“Hey they’ll be a time down the road when this stuff won’t matter to them anymore, so sign me up – daddy’s in: ????????‍♂️????,” he added before concluding, “#MaybeIDoNeedBlender?.”

In the clip, Johnson’s older daughter Jasmine can be heard disputing whether her father is a boy and tells him, “You’re a girl.”

“I am a boy,” the former WWE superstar responds.

Dwayne Johnson getting makeover from daughters, Tia and Jasmine.

Tia ran to get her makeup tools explaining that her daddy needed a blender.

Meanwhile, Tia is seen dashing away as she explains, “Daddy, I’m just going to get my makeup tools!”

When Johnson suggests that perhaps he doesn’t need more makeup, Tia vehemently disagrees.

“Tools!” she shrieks. “Daddy, you need blender!!”

Dwayne Johnson getting makeover from his daughters.

Jasmine insisted that her father was a “girl” during the makeover.

It’s not the first time the “Black Adam” star has allowed himself to receive a glow-up from his little ones.

Last December, Johnson shared another video of himself wearing a multi-colored wig and a tutu, while he is fussed over by Tia and Jasmine.

“First morning back home with my tornados ????️ and by 8am they insisted on giving ‘Dwanta Claus a make over before Christmas’ ???????? ???????? ????,” he captioned the clip.

“I haven’t seen myself in the mirror yet but if I look as cool as I FEEL RIGHT NOW, then IM WINNING BABY ????????‍♂️????. Dwanta needs a tutu….and his DIG-NUH-DEE ????#MerryEarlyChristmas????.”

Johnson is also a father to 21-year-old daughter Simone Johnson, whom he shares with ex-wife Dany Garcia.