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NY Post
New York Post
5 Aug 2023

NextImg:Disturbing audio captures anti-racism instructor attacking principal’s ‘white supremacy’ before he killed himself

An anti-racism instructor was recorded mocking and laughing at a beloved Toronto principal who challenged her teachings — holding him up as an example of white supremacy “resistance,” according to a report.

Richard Bilkszto, 60, later committed suicide.

Bilkszto’s July death came after diversity, equity and inclusion, or DEI, instructor Kike Ojo-Thompson proclaimed Canada was more racist than the United States, a statement the principal pushed back on.

Ojo-Thompson was hired by the Toronto District School Board in 2021 to provide four DEI training sessions to staff.

“You and your whiteness think that you can tell me what’s really going on with black people,” she told Bilkszto, according to a lawsuit filed by the Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism against the school board.

But the attacks didn’t stop there.

Richard Bilkszto, 60, a former Toronto District School Board principal took his own life after filing a lawsuit against the district after he faced harassment for calling out an anti-racism instructor.

In audio obtained by The Free Press, Ojo-Thompson brought it up again at the following session a week later.

“One of the ways that white supremacy is upheld, protected, reproduced, upkept, defended is through resistance and, like I said … I’m so lucky,” she said before laughing. 

“Who would’ve thought my luck would show up so well last week that we got perfect evidence, a wonderful example of resistance that you all got to bear witness to, so we’re going to talk about it, because, I mean, it doesn’t get better than this,” she continued as others chimed in to back her up.

Kike Ojo-Thompson, who holds anti-racisim training sessions for public and private organizations.
Kike Ojo-Thompson holds anti-racism trainings for organizations through the KOJO Institute.
KOJO Institute

The next day, Bilkszto filed for sick leave, according to The Free Press.

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board looked into the incident and found that Ojo-Thompson’s conduct “was abusive, egregious and vexatious, and rises to the level of workplace harassment and bullying.”

Yet Bilkszto said his reputation was nonetheless ruined. Following a six-week medical leave later that year, the district refused to reinstate his contract.

Bilkszto claimed the refusal to reinstate the contract was a result of either his fallen reputation or as retribution for having the WSIB investigate the incident.

Toronto District School Board building
The Toronto District School Board did not to renew Bilkszto’s contract after the anti-racism training incident.

“Unfortunately, the stress and effects of these incidents continued to plague Richard,” his attorney, Lisa Bildy, said in a statement at the time.

In a statement after his death, the KOJO institute disputed Bilkszto’s allegations and said the lawsuit paints “an inaccurate and incomplete picture” of what occurred during the training sessions.

The institute did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Post.