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NY Post
New York Post
8 Apr 2023

NextImg:Disgraced Gov. Cuomo sued a second time over nursing home COVID deaths

Disgraced governor Andrew Cuomo’s “unmitigated greed” and mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic led to the “needless” deaths of thousands of elderly New Yorkers, a Nassau man whose mother and father died from the virus claimed in court. 

Cuomo, his top aide Melissa DeRosa, and state and health officials also exhibited “deliberate indifference” toward nursing home residents, leading to as many as 15,000 avoidable COVID deaths, Sean Newman claimed in a lawsuit filed in Brooklyn Federal Court on March 28. 

Those deaths include Michael and Delores Newman, who died weeks apart in early 2020, their son said. 

Sean Newman’s dad Michael Newman, 84, died at the Grandell Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Long Beach on March 29 that year, his son said.

His mom Delores, 78, died two weeks later at the Long Island Living Center in Queens, according to the filing.

“It was not only Governor Cuomo’s pride that was leading to thousands of needless deaths, but his unmitigated greed as well,” Sean Newman claimed in the litigation, alleging the former governor “tailored his policies and actions to generate material” for his $5 million book deal. 

Sean Newman claimed the deaths of his parents, Delores and Michael, were preventable in his lawsuit filed in Brooklyn Federal Court.

Newman is the second person to sue Cuomo and DeRosa over the state’s nursing home deaths. 

Peter Arbeeny, whose father Norman died of the virus at the Cobble Hill Health Center on April, 21, 2020, made allegations similar to Newman’s last April.

Arbeeny initially represented himself in the case also filed in Brooklyn Federal Court, but lawyers Jonna Spilbor and Michael Kasanoff joined his the case as his attorneys in September. Spilbor and Kasanoff are also representing Newman in his class action case. 

Sean Newman
Sean Newman is the second person to sue former Governor Cuomo over his handling of the virus in nursing homes.

“Both Arbeeny and Sean Newman want truth and justice here,” said Kasanoff.

Cuomo’s attorney, Rita Glavin, filed a motion on March 31 claiming that Arbeeny did not prove the former governor was personally responsible for the deaths and that he should be entitled to qualified immunity, which shields government officials from lawsuits if they were acting in the scope of their job.

Judge DeArcy Hall has yet to rule on the motion to dismiss.

Rich Azzopardi, a spokesperson for Cuomo, told The Post the claim that Cuomo let his book deal influence his actions is “False, wrong and the product of the furthest depths of right-wing paranoia.”

“It’s unfortunate that people’s pain continues to be politicized and weaponized in order to distort the truth,” said Azzopardi. “This suit is meritless and we expect any fair hearing in a court of law will also bear this out.”