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New York Post
8 Jul 2023

NextImg:Dennis Rodman’s girlfriend thought his face tattoo of her was crazy: ‘What’re you doing?!’

Dennis Rodman got a tattoo of his girlfriend on his face — against her wishes.

Earlier this week, the former NBA defense and rebounding menace revealed a giant new tattoo on his face of his girlfriend, Yella Yella.

The couple conducted an interview with TMZ together, and Yella Yella wanted no credit or blame for Rodman’s decision.

“I actually told him not to do it,” Yella Yella said. “I’m like, ‘What’re you doing?!'”

Rodman, however, was not dissuaded, as he believes Yella Yella is The One.

“This is my last dance with a woman,” Rodman said, dropping in a reference to the “Last Dance” documentary that highlighted the final season Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Rodman all played together on the Bulls in 1997-98.

Dennis Rodman got a tattoo of girlfriend Yella Yella on his face.
Yella Yella/Instagram

“She’s very lovely,” he continued. “And I thank her for loving me the way I am — and that’s why I did it for her.”

Yella Yella did win one concession — she was able to talk Rodman out of getting an even bigger tattoo of her on his face.

Rodman, 62, had an NBA career that extended from 1987 through 2000.

He played with the Pistons, Spurs, Bulls, Lakers and Mavericks, winning five NBA championships while leading the league in rebounding seven times and making two All-Star games.

Rodman has surreally popped up around international relations in recent years.


Dennis Rodman’s girlfriend Yella Yella
Yella Yella/Instagram

His friendship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has been well documented.

“Let’s have dinner tonight. A little karaoke and have some vodka, some hotties and stuff like that,” Rodman recalled the North Korean telling him on a trip to the country in 2013.

“Next thing I know, we are having dinner and we are drunk as s-t, he starts singing karaoke and I have no clue what the f–k he’s talking about.”


Dennis Rodman and girlfriend Yella Yella sit courtside at a Rockets game this season.

He had also planned to get involved in negotiations to get Brittany Griner out of prison in Russia but later backpedaled on the idea.