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NY Post
New York Post
25 Mar 2023

NextImg:College ring reunited with its owner 25 years after it vanished

A Virginia Tech alum got his college ring back over 25 years after it disappeared on campus.

John Leschinskey, who graduated from the university in 1997, misplaced it while playing volleyball in one of the Blacksburg, Virginia, school’s quad areas.

“I had set my sandals, shirt, watch, and ring by the post so that I could play. When finished, I went to gather my things and saw that the ring was missing,” Leschinskey told the university. “My things didn’t appear disturbed, so I assumed it was stolen.”

In January, a campus facilities crew renovating the court’s drainage system spotted a small shiny object in the dirt where they were working.

Equipment operator Pat Saylors saw an engraving with Leschinskey’s name and tracked him down on social media.

A few messages later and the ring was in the mail on its way to Leschinskey’s North Carolina home.

“When it arrived, I looked at it and found it hard to believe that it was actually recovered and returned to me” Leschinskey said.

“Given all the years in the sand and outdoors it looks like it’s in really good condition.”

“It’s good to see that there are still honest and decent people out in the world.”