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NY Post
New York Post
21 Oct 2023

NextImg:Changes made to NYC teachers’ ‘anti-Israel’ classroom guide — but ‘damage is done’

Some antisemitic resources provided to city public schools on how to address the Israel-Hamas war have been removed — but many remain, and critics worry the “damage” is already done.

The lengthy list of websites dumped on teachers last week to help them teach the Middle East conflict no longer includes the Arab-run Al Jazeera, which refers to Hamas terrorists as “fighters” and their acts of terror as “operations.”

It does, however, still include Amnesty International, a group represented at pro-Palestinian rallies.

“I fear the damage is done and that teachers have been teaching a biased perspective, many without even knowing that they are doing so. This will most likely leave students with a hateful view of Israel, allowing them to justify acts of terror,” said Karen Feldman, a New York City social studies teacher and Holocaust educator.

It also removed two New York Times articles, a timeline of the clashes between Palestine and Israel and “The Global Context of the Hamas-Israel War” — and one CBS article entitled “What is Hamas? What to know about the group attacking Israel.”

The city Department of Education sent teachers a lengthy list of websites with information for class discussion on the Israel-Hamas war — including some slammed as strongly biased against Israel.

schools chancellor david banks

The city made minor changes to a guide given to teachers on how to address the Israel-Hamas war but critics say anti-Israel resources remain.
Gabriella Bass

The guide featured 35 links, including far-left and anti-Israel sources, but lacked straightforward guidance, teachers said, instead leaving them to parse through the texts on their own, The Post reported last week.

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The city did not respond to an inquiry on the changes.