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NY Post
New York Post
11 Mar 2023

NextImg:Biden’s making gov’t  discriminate by race — he needs to stop

Forget defending the nation, mailing Social Security checks or any of the federal government’s other jobs. Under President Biden’s explicit orders, the executive branch is increasingly going to push racial “equity.”

This outrageous exercise in reverse discrimination has absolutely no place in government.

As The Post’s Caitlin Doornbos reported, more than 90 federal agencies submitted “equity action plans” last year, obeying Biden’s order (just hours after he took office) to create “agency equity teams” and use government power to advance “racial equity and support for underserved communities.”

Now, under a new order he issued last month, all federal agencies will have to file such reports and show how they’re meeting their “equity” missions.

Expect the discrimination to get even worse.

The noble-sounding term “equity,” for Biden & Co., has nothing to do with treating people fairly — just the opposite. It means treating (some) minorities better than whites and other groups when it comes to, for example, federal jobs and grants.

The American Rescue Plan paid farmers and ranchers of color up to 120% of their outstanding loans, regardless of financial need.
AFP via Getty Images

That flies smack in the face of the nation’s bedrock principles, not to mention laws like the Civil Rights Act, which bars the use of race in hiring.

Biden and fellow Dems have “turned government-funded racism into an art,” fumes Trump budget czar Russ Vought.

Already, many of some 300 woke programs focus explicitly on race, prioritizing minorities for government grants, jobs, contracts and outreach.

Some involve jaw-dropping sums. The American Rescue Plan, for example — OK’d solely by Democrats in Congress — created a $3.8 billion debt-relief program that would pay farmers and ranchers of color up to 120% of their outstanding loans, regardless of financial need.

The courts stopped that overtly racist program, but it was quickly replaced by a similar $3.1 billion initiative tucked into the Inflation Reduction Act for “economically distressed” farmers (who are more likely to be minorities).

Many agencies have created whole new departments and six-figure, senior-level posts to oversee equity efforts. Meaning an ever-larger part of the vast federal bureaucracy is now devoted to nothing but ensuring the rest of it favors minorities.

And no agency, no matter how vital, is exempt. The Defense Department, for one, is now asking for $86.5 million to cover “diversity and inclusion activities.”

Americans of every race and political stripe ought to be livid at this patent discrimination and abuse of public resources. Favoring some at the expense of others is wasteful, unfair and un-American and only sows resentment and division. It needs to end pronto.

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