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NY Post
New York Post
12 Aug 2023

NextImg:Artist creates exhibition dedicated to Pedro Pascal — and hopes to meet him

A British artist who created an exhibition in homage to actor Pedro Pascal was left disappointed when the actor visited the gallery where the paintings are on display while it was closed.

Heidi Gentle Burrell unveiled her exhibition — ADHD Hyperfixation & Why It Looks Like I Love Pedro Pascal — on June 3 at the Rhodes Art Gallery in Kent, England.

But when “The Mandlorian” star attempted to view the paintings on Aug. 6, the gallery was wasn’t open, according to NME.

“It would be fantastic, of course, if he came back,” Burrell told the BBC.

“To have your actual subject look at themselves — a person is so familiar with themselves in a mirror, they’re the only person that can really say whether you’ve got a likeness.”

The Chilean actor showed up to the then-shuttered exhibit with fellow actor Russell Tovey and his “Talk Art” podcast co-host Robert Diamen — and they shared the moment on Instagram.

The collection consists of 14 pieces of artwork.
Heidi Lewis-Burrell / SWNS

If “The Last of Us” star returns and Burrell gets to meet him, she is already prepared with conversation topics.

“I’d love to be able to bore him all about ADHD and reassure him that I’m not obsessed, that it is just part of my fixation,” she said.

The collection consists of 14 pieces of artwork, and is a mix of paintings and sketches in honor of Pascal, who rose to fame after being cast as Oberyn Martell in “Game of Thrones” in 2014.

pedro pascal

Burrell is hoping to meet Pascal in person one day.
WireImage for Disney

Burrell would also love to have Pascal sit down with her one day, so she can draw him in-person, instead of using online photos as her source material.

“Luckily, there is an amazingly large amount of photos available of Pascal, so it was nice in that it was the best that I could get, you can pretty much get him from every single angle,” she explained.

“But of course, nothing beats the real thing when you’re trying to capture something or someone, so it would be nice.”