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Page Six
24 Feb 2024

NextImg:Amy Schumer reveals she was diagnosed with Cushing syndrome after criticism over ‘puffier’ face

Amy Schumer revealed in a new interview that she has been diagnosed with Cushing syndrome following lots of internet chatter about her appearance.

“While I was doing press on camera for my Hulu show, I was also in MRI machines four hours at a time, having my veins shut down from the amount of blood drawn and thinking I may not be around to see my son grow up,” “Life & Beth” star, 42, shared on Jessica Yellin’s “New Not Noise” newsletter Friday.

“It has been a crazy couple [of] weeks for me and my family.”

Schumer continued, “Aside from fears about my health, I also had to be on camera having the internet chime in. But thank God for that. Because that’s how I realized something was wrong.”

Amy Schumer shared that the internet chatter over her appearance led to her diagnosis. Getty Images for Good+Foundation

According to the National Institutes of Health, Cushing syndrome is a disorder that “occurs when your body makes too much of the hormone cortisol over a long period of time.”

The syndrome is extremely rare — only 40 to 70 people out of every one million get it — and symptoms can include high blood pressure, weight gain and a round face. It can also be fatal if not treated.

Earlier this month, Schumer hit back at trolls who commented on her “puffier” face during the press tour for her Hulu series.

Cushing syndrome can be fatal if not treated. Charles Sykes/Bravo

“Thank you so much for everyone’s input about my face!” she sarcastically wrote in a lengthy Instagram caption after appearing on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.”

“I’ve enjoyed feedback and deliberation about my appearance as all women do for almost 20 years. And you’re right it is puffier than normal right now.”

The “Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo” author then shared she has “medical and hormonal things going on,” and criticized the double standards when it comes to assessing women’s appearances over men’s.

Schumer has been open about her past health struggles. Todd Owyoung/NBC

“I also believe a woman doesn’t need any excuse for her physical appearance and owes no explanation,” Schumer added at the time.

“But I wanted to take the opportunity to advocate for self love and acceptance of the skin you’re in.”

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The “Trainwreck” star concluded, “Like every other women/person some days I feel confident and good as hell and others I want to put a bag over my head.”

Schumer also suffers from endometriosis. RW/MediaPunch/Shutterstock

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Last week, Schumer groused that the criticism over her looks felt misogynistic.

“I think they’re mad that I’m not thinner. I think they’re mad I’m not prettier and that I still feel like I have a right to speak,” the comic said on a recent episode of the “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast.

“And I think that they don’t want any women to speak,” she added, asking, “What woman has ever opened her mouth and not been torn to shreds?”

Schumer and her husband, Chris Fischer, welcomed son Gene in 2019.

Schumer has long been open about her health struggles, previously sharing that she had her uterus and appendix removed due to endometriosis.

She has also been equally open about cosmetic surgery, admitting that she tried cheek fillers and had liposuction a couple of years after welcoming her son, Gene, with husband Chris Fischer in 2019.

The pregnancy was far from easy as she was hospitalized with hyperemesis gravidarum, the severe morning sickness that Kate Middleton also famously experienced.