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8 Apr 2023

NextImg:53-year-old Italian woman ‘torn apart’ while trying to feed her brother’s dog: reports

An Italian woman was “torn apart” and fatally mauled by her brother’s dog while she attempted to feed the canine this week, according to local reports. 

Patrizia La Marca, 53, had stopped by her brother’s home in the northern resort town of Ventimiglia Wednesday afternoon to take care of his Rottweiler when the dog suddenly attacked her.

Neighbors who heard her cries called for help, with first responders arriving at the scene at around 4 p.m., according to La Stampa.

They found La Marca in a pool of blood, with severe bites to her head, arms, chest and shoulders.

It took first responders two hours to assist La Marca due to the dog’s aggression, with law enforcement eventually shooting and injuring the canine before taking it to a city kennel, il Giornale reported.

La Marca was found with severe bites to her head, arms, chest and shoulders from the Rottweiler, which is not pictured above.
Jason Anstett / EyeEm

La Marca was rushed to a hospital via helicopter but later died from her injuries.

One emergency worker told local media that her body was “torn apart in several places.”  

“I have never seen anything like it,” the worker said. 

“A similar case has never occurred in the town as far as I can remember,” said Mayor Isio Cassini. “I am very sorry for [La Marca] and her family.”

Authorities are investigating the incident. It is unclear if the dog will be put down. 

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