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News Busters
17 Feb 2024
Christian Toto

NextImg:Biden Hasn’t Lost Sycophant Stephen Colbert … Yet

Thursday, February 8 was the worst day of President Joe Biden’s three-plus years in office.

A special counsel determined he improperly handled top-secret documents … but he is too old and addled to be prosecuted. To be precise, the report called Biden a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory.”


The ensuing press conference, meant to show the world ol’ Joe remains as sharp as ever, went even worse.

None of that mattered to Stephen Colbert.

The far-Left “Late Show” host still has Biden’s back. At least for now.

Colbert alluded to Biden’s gaffe-tastic week from his CBS perch. From there it was spin, spin, spin, suggesting the report’s biggest bombshell was “old” news.

“After a 15 month investigation, Special Counsel Hur has determined Joe Biden is old.”

The far-Left host then mocked Special Counsel Robert Hur with a silly, ad-hominem attack. He admitted leading Democrats are still worried about the fallout from the investigation.

“Some say it’s the lighting, other democratic operatives are pushing for Biden to use better makeup. Explains Maybelline’s new slogan, ‘maybe she’s born with it — maybe she’s the only thing standing between us and the complete collapse of American democracy.’”

Yes, Colbert played the tired, farcical, “our democracy depends on electing one leader and not the other” card.

Colbert Hearts Biden: We Can’t Let Trump Win

“Here’s the thing: Hur’s extracurricular description of the president reinforces a concern many voters already have about his advanced age. But we are where we are. Unless something drastic happens, it’s Biden versus Trump … Voters are just going to have to choose between the sympathetic, well meaning elderly man with a poor memory, or a contemptible, malicious elderly rapist with a poor memory.”

Why “at least for now?”

Consider how The New York Times has supported President Biden through very thick and thin for three-plus years. The increasingly biased outlet has ignored Biden’s many disturbing moments, brain hiccups that go viral on social media but get ignored in the country’s most prestigious news outlet.

That changed following Biden’s Thursday from Hell.

Over the weekend, the Old Gray Lady published several op-eds tied to his obvious mental decline sans apology. Others, like Democratic pundit Paul Begala, couldn’t hide his shock at the turn of events.

That means Colbert and co., AKA Team Late Night, may still turn on Biden if the media and the Democrats decide the Commander in Chief can’t win come Election Day due to his age and the party will force him off the presidential ticket.

If/when that happens, Colbert will suddenly find the courage to satirically smack Biden around from his CBS pulpit.

Until then, Colbert remains on Team Biden with or without pom-poms.

It’s worth noting that Jon Stewart, who returned to his “Daily Show” perch Monday night, proved far tougher on Biden. He mocked both Biden and Donald Trump for being too old to run for the presidency, but Stewart’s monologue didn’t play down Biden’s obvious mental decline.

Stewart challenged the Biden White House to release video proof of the Commander in Chief’s mental acuity.