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The Basement
11 Mar 2023
Lincoln Graves, KUTV

NextImg:Utah man puts cat, dog poop in packages to deter porch pirates

A Utah man who owns property in Salt Lake City’s Capitol Hill neighborhood has been keeping a tally of how many packages have been taken off his front porch.

“I’m at 114 packages,” said Josh Blumental. “Number 113 got taken over the weekend and 114’s coming up soon.”

The tally, according to Blumental, stretches back years. He says his security cameras have captured nearly every single instance of a package being taken.

“They drive up on the curb, they park here, they get out, they have drivers, they get out, grab it, and run,” said Blumental.

But Blumental isn’t necessarily frustrated by what’s happening. In fact, he’s happy to see the packages being taken because he knows what’s inside.

“I literally empty out the cat box straight into the box,” said Blumental. “The litter, poop, everything just into a box, tape it up, put a label on it and put it out.”

Blumental has two cats that provide the poop. He also boxes up his dog’s poop as well.

“I have to pick it up, put it in the garbage can anyway,” he said. “Might as well put it in the box and have some fun with it.”

Blumental calls it an art series. He posts the security camera video on social media. It’s been happening so long that people have become suspicious. But they’re still apparently tempted.

“I’ve had multiple people, repeats, come out and look at the package,” he said. “They weigh it, they look at the label. If it doesn’t have a label, they’ll put it down.”

Some people who have taken packages have been mad about what’s inside.

“One guy actually opened it up while I was watching it live,” he said. “I got a notification on my phone. He opened it and stuck his hand in it. I speak on the speaker and I say ‘hey, I’m calling the cops’ and he’s like, ‘good, I’m gonna tell them you’re mailing crap.’ I’m not mailing it, it’s just sitting there.”

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