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The Basement
15 Apr 2023

NextImg:Ump Show: Cody Bellinger Given Clock Violation During Standing Ovation

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If umpires are going to behave like robots, then don’t be surprised when they are replaced by actual robots.

The latest example why comes amid another frustrating moment related to Major League Baseball’s newest rules meant to speed up the game.

After signing Chicago Cubs last season, former Dodgers outfielder Cody Bellinger made his return to LA. But as the crowd began cheering and thank him for spending six years with the club – including a 2020 World Series Championship, the umpire cited Bellinger for a pitch-clock violation.

That clip needs to be played on repeat in Commissioner Rob Manfred’s office this morning. I mean, the broadcast couldn’t have painted it any better – various camera shots of the fans giving Bellinger a large ovation, one fan even throwing his hands up in the air to make the crowd cheer louder.

Until of course, umpire Jim Wolf gave him an automatic strike for not being set in the batter’s box with 8 seconds left on the 15 second pitch clock. The play-by-play broadcaster summed it up perfectly when he was shocked by the call and said: “Come on Jim!”

Apparently, players now aren’t even allowed to actually enjoy the game they’ve spent their whole lives playing.

That’ll surely bring in the next generation of fans, Manfred! Way to go!

Umpire Jim Wolf called Cody Bellinger for an automatic strike after he violated the pitch clock rule. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Congratulations to Wolf for giving us another reason to despise the boys in blue, officials and referees. They always have to remind players and fans that the game is about them and ya know, not the ones that are actually on the field playing.

Someone might want to inform Wolf that things like this don’t fly as much as they did in the past. And he should also know that a viral clip of him being a straight up jackass is likely not the optics MLB wants as it struggles to stay relevant for future generations.