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M Dowling

NextImg:US Administration Kills Influence in Africa - Where the Minerals Are

African countries are devolving into chaos without much fanfare from the mainstream media. The media also downplays the reality that they seek alliances with countries opposed to the US. The Progressive Biden Administration is oblivious to all of it, including the danger it poses for the United States. The fact that these small African nations have the minerals needed for electrification has gone by the wayside.

The latest overthrow was in Gabon. Military leaders in Gabon instigated a coup that ousted the country’s longtime leader. The exact same thing happened in the West African country of Niger. It turned a historically American ally into chaos and sent them running to Russia for help.

Gabon’s new transitional president, leader of the coup, Brigadier General Brice Clotaire Oligui Nguema

The Pentagon has stationed U.S. Green Berets in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso’s capital, and the State Department pays contractors to train the country’s forces, the Wall Street Journal reported, in the hope of countering a growing Islamist militant threat and the Russian mercenary Wagner Group’s influence in the region.

The US is now searching for ways to keep American soldiers in Niger. They are currently restricted to bases.

Officials said several junta leaders have worked with and been trained by the US as part of the US security cooperation with the country.

A key variable in Niger is Brig. Gen Moussa Barmou, the American-trained commander of the Nigerien special operations forces. He has helped lead the military takeover and proclaimed himself Niger’s chief of defense. The US hopes he will support US troops remaining in Niger.

The US has been doing this sort of thing for decades. It’s always with the same result. Our enemies take over as they did in Cuba. We once thought Fidel Castro was our friend. That was due to naiveté, but what do we call it now? The US once supported Osama bin Laden and trained his military. He paid us back with 9/11.

Who can forget John Bolton admitting he planned coups and then laughing about it?

Countries suffering the same fate – a Junta – like the Central African Republic, Libya, and Mali, have ignored the US and sought help from Russia’s Wagner military. They trust Wagner more than the US.

Before Biden handed Afghanistan over to the Taliban, progressives at the State Department hoisted the rainbow flag over Kabul to send a message. The message was heard and infuriated our African allies who don’t buy into this bizarre idealizing of gender ideology.

Most of the small African countries are sitting on valuable oil and rare earth minerals, which Biden needs for his EVs and planned electrification of the entire United States.

These countries no longer trust us, and why would they? We interfere in their affairs. Instead of seeking help from the United States, a growing number of small, poor countries are running to Wagner for military support and China for shady loans. As a result, crucial rare earth minerals and valuable drilling rights are turned over to our direct adversaries like China and Russia.

We are destroying ourselves. Biden has done a fantastic job of accelerating the destruction in just two years. He’s had a lot of help, and much of what he does has the fingerprints of Barack Obama and George Soros, as well as that of global ‘leaders’.