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M Dowling

NextImg:The Iranian Migrant's Words of Warning to Americans

The following interview with an Iranian man coming illegally to the United States should serve as a cautionary tale.

The Iranian man began the interview by looking around at all the illegal immigrants coming at the same time from China, India, and elsewhere, and warned of the danger.

“I would be afraid because all of these people in China and India militaries, even myself, I’m a military, and there’s a question is coming up in here…” He said it was a “scary question.” If there was an incident between the US and China in Taiwan, what would these people do? Whose side would they take?”

The interviewer asked what route he took to get to the States. He told the interviewer that his route from Iran was from Turkey to Mexico.

“So, what would prevent a terrorist from doing the same thing,” the interviewer asked.

“Exactly nothing. That’s scary, really scary.” He said the politicians in Europe are sleeping now. “Don’t be offended, but Joe Biden is sleeping at the moment.”

They both agreed Joe Biden is “terrible.”

The Iranian said, “All of the war. Just look at the world. We have three wars, we have sanctions, and we have a recession on the entire planet. Everyone says I’m wrong, but whether you like it or not, if a recession comes in the US, epidemic or pandemic comes in all the countries, Joe Biden is doing this.”

The interviewer asked if he wanted Trump back, and he said even if it meant he was deported, he would want Trump back.

He quoted Ronald Reagan: The US is the last stand against the fall of democracy. If the US falls, everyone falls.

He said he’s born Muslim but doesn’t believe in it. It’s bad for the world. He told the interviewer that there are lots of radical Islamists in the US, and if Allah tells them to become terrorists, they will.

He added that the argument against guns making the country “unsafe” is “ridiculous.” The Islamists are the threat.

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