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David Reavill

NextImg:The Biden Presidency: Where Things Don't Add Up

by David Reavill

When the history of the Biden Presidency is written, it will be of an Administration where the Books never added up, where all the numbers were controversial, and where accounting abnormalities were the norm.

Some may find what we’re about to discuss to be objectionable. You may be offended by the mere thought that we may question these numbers. If you find yourself thinking along these lines, I hope you reconsider. For many years I ran a small brokerage firm. Each year we were subject to audits from three different agencies, the SEC, the State, and FINRA (the named the NASD).

We had already filed with them each report they reviewed. Every month we filed what our “numbers” were, our income, profit, and reserves. Those are the numbers we could have said. You don’t need to look at them anymore. In the case of my firm’s audits, that’s just the kind of attitude that would have been met with a severe fine and, if persisted, even jail time. I did not have the right to be offended by someone else (SEC, etc.) looking at my results. And politicians today, even our President and Staff, do not have the right to be offended by a review of the Government’s results.

As citizens, we should welcome such a review. Audits are a very good thing. It is the effort to square financial and other reports with reality. But with the Biden Administration at every turn, reporting questions arise. There is hardly a significant event in this Administration’s record that does not send up “red flags” for any auditor.

It began with President Biden’s Election. At least five states, including my home state of Pennsylvania, experienced certain “anomalies” in the counting. On Monday, the Office of Inspector General, US Postal Service confirmed that a US Postal Truck was driven from Bethpage, NY, to Lancaster, PA (Case
# 21 INV00781).  The truck was likely carrying illegal ballots, that at least is the driver’s allegation. Normally, this type of allegation would kick off a full-scale audit. Do you think that will happen? Neither do I.

Shortly after President Biden assumed office, the Covid-19 Pandemic spread throughout the country. To mitigate the financial effects of the full-scale commercial lockdowns enforced nationwide, Biden proposed the “American Rescue Plan,” sending “stimulus checks” to taxpayers. The program was hastily conceived, and the IRS was responsible for distributing the payments. Several reports in the Press say that roughly $80 billion of those payments were fraudulently obtained. It was the usual fraud that we’ve come to expect: dead people receiving money, companies getting paid for workers who don’t exist, and so on. It is a perfect example of an appropriate audit. The American taxpayer could recover some of those ill-gotten funds. Think it will happen?

As for the Pandemic, counting those infected and those who died may have been corrupted. The allegation here is that Hospitals were given monetary incentives to record the deaths as exclusively Covid-19 when other comorbidities may have been present. Audits would give us a clearer picture of the Pandemic’s actual effects.

As for the Covid-19 Vaccine, an entirely new measure of its lethality is warranted. In a paper entitled “Vaccines and the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program,” published by Harvard University, Katherine Davenport indicates that only 2%, or fewer, of the actual Vaccine Adverse Effects are reported. It means that any results from the VAEERS System are vastly understated. Again a thorough audit of the nation’s death records over the past three years would help us understand the risks and morbidity of the Covid-19 Vaccines.

Most recently, it has been support for Ukraine in its War with Russia, which has been the Focus of the Biden Administration. Hundreds of billions of dollars have been sent to this small European Country in the form of direct cash payments as well as arms and equipment. Whenever direct financial transfers like these occur, financial controls are essential to ensure there is no fraud.

Unfortunately, it is just such a specter of misappropriation of funds that is beginning to appear from this country’s generous support of Ukraine. For months it has been alleged that President Volodymyr Zelensky has accumulated several expensive homes around the world. Initially, the US Press denied these allegations, but recently the allegations have gained traction. When Russia seized Zelensky’s vacation villa in Crimea, and photos were released of his mansion in Miami, there was a growing need to audit how the funds the US sends to Ukraine are being spent.

Adding to the need for an audit of our support for Ukraine has been the report by Reuters that US Arms sent to Ukraine are now in the hands of the Mexican Drug Cartels. It is disturbing. Is it possible that the United States is indirectly arming our enemies at our Southern border? If that’s the case, as Reuters indicates, it’s a chilling eventuality.

These instances are examples of an Administration that operates without audit controls, where books and records are not open and freely available, and where everyday citizens are not allowed to ask the simple question of where our funds went. Were our votes counted accurately? How lethal was the Pandemic?

When did it become “Politically Incorrect” to see the “Books?”

In his introduction to last year’s budget, the President wrote, “That where we choose to invest speaks to what we value as a Nation.” True, Mr. President, but where those funds end up is the real question. And for that, we need extensive financial controls and thorough audits to ensure that reporting on those “investments” is accurate.