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M Dowling

NextImg:Study Found 70% of US Woke Military Is Too Fat

A new study shows that 70% of US service members are either overweight or obese. One might look at the WOKE ideology that results in lowered standards as one of the reasons for the weight gains. This will impact national security.

The American Security Project, a nonprofit organization based in Washington, assessed the body mass index of U.S. troops, reported the New York Post, and found 68% of them fall into the categories of “overweight” or “obese” under BMI criteria, reflecting a troubling trend that has taken shape over the past decade.

The study revealed that the number of troops categorized as “obese” has “more than doubled” over the past decade, surging from “10.4% in 2012” to “21.6%” in the most recent year.

“To ensure the long-term strength and operability of the armed forces,” the report stated, “services must decisively and cohesively address obesity within their ranks, maintain strong body composition standards, and bring health policies in line with evidence-based recommendations.

“Identifying, diagnosing, and treating obesity within soldiers at the front lines of our national defense may ultimately determine the long-term survival of the force. It may not be easy, but it is long overdue.”

The Army, Navy, and Air Force fell short of their recruitment goals, mostly because our military is WOKE. The Army fell short by about 15,000 soldiers in 2022, Roll Call reported, improving in fiscal year 2023 with nearly 55,000 recruits, still short. The Air Force missed its target by nearly 2,700 recruits, and the Navy fell short by 7,450 recruits.

We allow men in the military to dress as women wear religious garb and beards as well as hairstyles that go with their ‘culture.’ Now we know the reduced standards have led to a fat military.

Seems dangerous.

Stars and Stripes reported that Pentagon data reveals that less than a quarter of Americans between the ages of 17 and 24 meet academic and physical requirements to serve in the military, exacerbating the recruitment deficit.

Furthermore, obesity is a “primary contributor to in-service injuries and medical discharges.”

They need to focus more on BMI and ensure the military can at least hold their own.

One problem is the American Medical Association recognized so-called “historical harm” and “racist exclusion in BMI calculations. So BMI is only one measure used now, as reported by the Post.

They consider genetic factors in the measurements. Genetics?