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M Dowling

NextImg:Russia Says the Leaked Pentagon Papers "Don't Add Up"

According to RT, Russia does not believe the leaked Pentagon Papers of an alleged US-NATO war plan in Ukraine are accurate. They “don’t add up.”

The purpose of this planted misinformation may be to underreport the actual number of combat-ready Ukrainian units to be deployed for the offensive or to distract attention from other events related to the real operation,” RT reports.

View the following information with a jaundiced eye, not just because the Russians found inaccuracies and suspect information, but because Ukraine wants the US and NATO to go to war with Russia. A rogue group could be behind this. In fact, there are many bad actors who could have put false information online. I don’t believe they are accurate, but you decide.

Pentagon papers of a US-NATO war plan in Ukraine were leaked online. The numbers of war dead on both sides were part of the leak. Casualty numbers on the Russian side are significantly lower than on the Ukrainian side. Ukrainian deaths are much higher than official US numbers reported in the propaganda media. If true, they indicate Ukraine is losing the war and has been losing the entire time. They also show the spring offensive was to start mid-April. These documents show NATO and the US are directly involved in training and preparation. If accurate the US is directly at war with Russia. These are war plans, not proxy war plans.

The Pentagon claims the numbers were doctored, and 200,000 Russians died. If so, that means just about every Russian died. Only a little over 125,000 invaded Russia at the start of the war.

The Pentagon leak reveals that NATO is already at war with Russia and that the Pentagon and not Ukraine is in charge of planning every aspect of the US proxy war. WW3 seems inevitable.

Senior intelligence officials call the leak a “nightmare for the Five Eyes,” referring to the joint spy network of the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Ex-Pentagon official Mick Mulroy admitted the intentional nature of the leak. Many of the docs were photographed.

All we know for a fact is that there are leaked Pentagon documents, and the Pentagon says they are doctored. How sad that we can’t take the Pentagon at its word.

The Grayzone published the documents. Grayzone says The New York Times reported “a significant breach of American intelligence in the effort to aid Ukraine” through the leak of classified documents that have been shared on social media. They were tipped off by the administration.

The documents are in the form of slides. They could be authentic or not. The Grayzone indicates that while the administration futilely attempts to remove the documents,  the US and NATO have far more serious problems than leaked slides, if this is true.

The leaked slides cannot be removed. They are proliferating across the Internet; view them on Telegram here.

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