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M Dowling

NextImg:Rolling Stone Reports Sidney Powell Will Be Arrested Soon

Election fraud activist Sidney Powell is expected to receive a criminal indictment in the very near future. Allegedly, allies of the former president have been blaming her for allegedly trying to steal the election in interviews with special counsel Jack Smith’s investigators.

On Friday, Rolling Stone dropped the bombshell, revealing that Special Counsel Hack Jack Smith will soon “criminally charge” election attorney Sidney Powell for pushing Trump’s so-called Big Lie to help Trump try to “steal” Biden’s win.

Because, of course, everyone believes 81 million people voted for Joe Biden.

Sidney Powell

Rolling Stone reports that “four sources with knowledge of the matter, several witnesses, and Trump allies who’ve appeared before the special counsel” agree that “Powell should be preparing now for Smith to bring criminal charges.”

Rolling Stone says that Jack Smith’s investigators recently met with Bernie Kerik — a longtime Rudy Giuliani associate and a Trump ally who worked on the Giuliani-led legal team challenging Trump’s 2020 defeat. Allegedly, Kerik’s lawyer says that “Based on the contents of their questions, and my understanding of criminal law, the main individual who was discussed” and possibly incriminated by Mr. Kerik “would be Sidney.”

Kerik’s lawyer added that Kerik told investigators “there was no back-up for anything she said. When she was asked to provide proof, she didn’t produce anything.”

His lawyer also said that Kerik used the word “lunatic” multiple times to describe Powell during the interview.

Rolling Stone reports that “prosecutors have shown a particular, keen interest in Powell’s work and conduct in recent days and weeks” and that “multiple witnesses have been grilled about what they thought of Powell as a person, as well as her actions during then-President Trump’s months-long crusade to allegedly cling to power.

“Witnesses were asked if Powell ever showed them actual proof of her bizarre claims of an election-fraud conspiracy, and if Powell herself ever privately expressed any signs of doubt about any of the theories.”

Rolling Stone says that a source who has been in the room recently with federal investigators succinctly put it this way: “Sidney’s f****d.”

[Her Kraken didn’t include evidence. She also told people in Georgia not to vote in the senatorial race. She has a lot of common sense and was right on so many things as we later learned.]