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M Dowling

NextImg:RFK Jr Asserts Ivermectin Was "Really a Miracle Drug"

It’s difficult to listen to Robert F. Kennedy Jr. because of his neurological impairment, but doctors are working on it. RFK says in the video below that over 100 studies show ivermectin “has profound benefits, and was a “miracle drug.”

“There are now a hundred studies that show ivermectin had profound benefits. And generally speaking, 70 to 85% reduction in hospitalizations and deaths. It was really a miracle drug, particularly in the later part of the pandemic.

“They use it for parasites in Nigeria, which has the highest river blindness burden in the world, did have the lowest COVID death rate in the world. They also have the biggest malaria burden. So virtually the entire population is on hydroxychloroquine. And a large part of the population is on ivermectin for river blindness. So, and they had almost no vaccination. They had … something like 1.3% vaccination. So, they did very well.

“But there are states in India sort of side-by-side states … used our protocol and had the same comparable death rates.

“…in Andhra Pradesh, they used ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, an end to the pandemic overnight, but there’s also if you go on the literature, and there’s a doctor called Meryl Nass who has assembled a lot of these, so that you can go on her website and see them, or Harvey Risch, who’s the Yale epidemiologist, has also assembled them.

“There’s 400 studies that show benefits from hydroxychloroquine. Over almost 100 studies, I think 99, that show extreme benefits like devastating benefits of ivermectin, and there’s a handful of studies that are government produced, WHO produced,  financed by Bill Gates that say that there was no benefit.”

This is the cynical view, and it might well be true.

“A $200 million enterprise would’ve collapsed if Fauci had admitted that Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin were effective against covid.”
These meds could’ve saved lives, but they only cost $3!

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