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M Dowling

NextImg:Review the Staggering CBP Stats of Potential Terrorists in the US

Illegal Crossers Coming in NOn-Stop

Suddenly, Mayorkas sees an urgent need to build a wall in Texas. This is a remarkable turnaround after the administration’s stance for the past two years. Maybe they realize they have enough Democrats here to keep Democrats in power in perpetuity.

The statistics are shocking and appalling, especially given that they are unvetted, and we let everyone in. Any of these people could be potential terrorists or something as evil.

Only the most evil people would do this to their country.


We went from 458,088 encounters in 2020 to 2,475,669 in 2023. That doesn’t count all the people who flew in, came in through apps, came in as gotaways, or escaped notice altogether. It doesn’t count people who overstayed visas.

The number of single, adult men has also risen dramatically. They could form armies in this country.

With the app CBP One, 278,000 illegal crossers have entered. Most of the aliens entering are Mexican, Haitian, and Venezuelan—thoughts of cartels, warlords, and Maduro soldiers or prisoners come to mind.

Every gotaway and every unvetted person released into the United States is a potential terrorist. The number of people on the terror watch list continually increases under Joe Biden.

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Internal CBP data confirms that thousands of “special interest aliens” from mostly Middle Eastern countries were apprehended crossing the border illegally over the last two years. Most are released into the United States.

Special interest aliens, as identified by the US government, are aliens who come from countries that sponsor or protect terrorism or otherwise pose a threat to the United States.

Joe Biden has mental issues, and it’s hard to know if he’s aware of what he is doing, but the people advising him, who are mostly Obama and Soros allies, are evil.

There is little doubt that the numbers are much higher.

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