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M Dowling

NextImg:Former AG Bill Barr Won't Say If He's Spoken with Jack Smith

In the first clip, former Attorney General Bill Barr would not say if he spoke with special counsel Jack Smith in the Trump case, his pleasant expression gone as if she asked a question she knew was out of bounds.

The host noted that he spoke with the J6 panel and asks, “Have you talked to Jack Smith’s investigators?”

“I’m not going to get into that,” he said sternly. Then he mumbled something. Perhaps he said, ‘move on’ or something of that nature.

Bill Barr – not happy with the question

“OK, the host responded with a nervous laugh.

So, yes, he likely spoke with Jack Smith just as he spoke with or guided the J6 Select Committee.

Barr did nothing about Russiagate. He strung us along. By the time John Durham was allowed to issue his scathing report, it was easy to sweep it under the rug, especially since he ended with no one going to prison.

Barr did nothing about the Antifa and Black Lives Matter riots, burnings, and killings, yet he viciously attacked the Jan. 6th riot and rally. People were over-arrested and over-charged to suit a narrative and discourage future rebellions.

The open borders and the problems with the elections were not his job. Nothing much was his job.

The man is a deceiver and not what he appears to be.

It’s no longer Democrat versus Republican. It’s the Constitutionalists against the Authoritarians—the American people versus anonymous people with untold power.

The Deep State are bureaucrats running things behind the scenes. Benny Johnson calls them the Ghost in the Machine. Bill Barr is probably one of them. They’re only ghosts to the public. There is likely a hierarchy of individuals who run the machine, set the rules and give out the orders. They lay in wait for those elected officials who don’t abide by their rules, then they pounce.

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Benny thinks they are well-organized and in control.

Johnson said the people who voted for Donald Trump defied the “ghost in the machine.” The ghost is actively engaged in a coup, says Mr. Johnson. If they have to burn it all down, they will.

The enemy is the American people, not Donald Trump.

There is an interesting article at The Last Refuge in which he goes deeper. He addresses these clips and breaks down the controls in place – the ghost in the machine – to keep corruption from exposure.

He calls them silos in the intelligence network, each playing a part in concealing their corruption. From silos 1 to 4, they progressively bury the truth of any charges reflecting back on them.

Please read it and see what you think, and let us know.

Until Barack Obama’s reign we never heard about the 17 intelligence agencies. No one approved them. Who knows how many there are now? They propagate. Donald Trump would try to break them up. They won’t allow that.

If someone told me they answer to a foreign power, I’d think it plausible at this point because they are destroying the country.