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M Dowling

NextImg:Democrats Rig the Primary Process Against Everyone But Joe

RFK Jr. said the DNC is manipulating the primary process. There is little doubt they would do that. They did it to Bernie Sanders. Hillary was granted so-called Super Delegates and each one had slews of votes and poor Bernie was trying to compete. Some in the DNC considered a coup at the national convention if he won.

The DNC charter mandates they remain neutral in the primary. They don’t take their rules seriously. What a surprise that people who don’t believe in laws and the Constitution don’t follow their own rules.

Robert Kennedy told the host Martha McCallum that they are actually trying to make him and Marianne Williamson “pay for the primaries because they consider it an unnecessary process.”

Kennedy said that they have a whole new set of proposals to disenfranchise voters in certain states that voted against president Biden the last time around.

Biden “came out, I think 4th in New Hampshire and 4th in Iowa, so those primaries have essentially been kicked out of the process. The DNC has ordered New Hampshire to switch its primary date till later on in the season but in New Hampshire, the Democratic Party New Hampshire has no control over that. It’s a state law, it’s part of their Constitution.

“They cannot change it so they, basically the White House has made a decision, we are just going to disenfranchise them. Not only that, they’re considering a new proposal. So if I go into New Hampshire and I go into Iowa, which I have, if I set foot in the state, they now have a rule that no voter who votes for me in the state will be counted. Any delegate that I win will go to president Biden.”

They’re looking into other insane rules to rig the election.

Kennedy said they provided “this giant loophole which allows him [Biden] to raise $750,000 per donor when I am restricted under the FEC rules to 6600. And in that way, they’ve raised almost, my understanding is that they now have about $2 billion, but they’ve used a lot of other machinations to make sure this is extremely unfair.”

How can people call Republicans conspiracy theorists for thinking Democrats cheated in a national election? They don’t think the primary is necessary. Do they think the national election is unnecessary?