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M Dowling

NextImg:DA in Sgt. Perry Case Ordered Exculpatory Evidence Hidden

The Texas District Attorney ordered the lead detective in the Daniel Perry self-defense case to conceal exculpatory evidence.

Defense Attorney Marina Medvin posted an affidavit from the lead detective in the State of Texas v. Daniel Perry case.  The detective, David Fuggit, said that it was apparent that “the District Attorney’s Office did not want to present evidence to the grand jury that would be exculpatory to Daniel Perry.” They also didn’t want contradictory witness statements, nor did they want a video of the incident.

Jose Garza

On more than one occasion, the District Attorney’s office ordered him to remove exculpatory information he intended to present to the grand jury during his testimony. He was ordered to comply when he asked the [Soros] DA Jose Garza what the “ramifications” were.

Mr. Fuggitt believes he was” tampered with as a witness.”

Mr. Fuggitt sought counsel from the City Attorney.

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