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M Dowling

NextImg:Boston Considers Giving Away Free Money to Get Votes

Boston might give away “free” money to get votes. They didn’t put it that way. Instead, they said, Boston might give cash [communist universal basic income] for those who meet the definition of “just surviving.”

One councilor said: “We know that poverty is a policy failure, as we have seen so many times, that requires a policy solution.”

Dem policies are doomed from the start, but the solution will buy votes, and the Hell with you if you earn your living.


City councilors held a hearing Monday to discuss piloting a guaranteed basic income program with officials from Mayor Michelle Wu’s Cabinet.

“This is something that is not only very near and dear to my heart, but I think incredibly important if we’re going to create a city where all of our children and all of our families can thrive, particularly creating a pathway up from poverty for our most vulnerable constituents,” said Councilor Kendra Lara, one of the lead sponsors of the hearing.

In evaluating a potential pilot in Boston, Elijah Miller, director of policy at Boston’s Office of Economic Opportunity and Inclusion, said they were looking at other programs already in place.

“What have they done? How have the outcomes fared? Many of the findings are still preliminary,” Miller said. “We are evaluating what kind of scope is feasible. What would the costs look like based on that? What do different levels of income mean for families? What is the difference between receiving $600 a month versus receiving $1,000 a month? What kind of impacts then bleed into the labor market? Are there any impacts on inflation?”

He continued, “Many of these questions we don’t have answers to yet.”

Except that’s not true. The pilot programs around the nation and in other nations are failures.