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M Dowling

NextImg:Blaze Reporter's Arrest Delayed Until After Christmas -

Blaze TV reporter Steve Baker was told to turn himself in to the FBI on Tuesday.  The X posts aren’t working, so I can’t post his comments from X. Mr. Baker said he has a temporary reprieve until after Christmas. Maybe the FBI has some awareness of optics, or they are just going to keep him stressed out. It has gone on for two years.

Mr. Baker also said that it was no accident that this happened the day after his interview with Emerald Robinson.

Temporary Reprieve

“Just after 5 pm yesterday my Raleigh attorney received a call from @FBI Special Agent Craig Noyes informing us that my self-surrender would be postponed until “after Christmas” and that @TheJusticeDept has assigned a new AUSA to my case. (Adam Dreher) Quite a fast turnaround of events in less than 36 hours. I’ll inform (and speculate) further in a subsequent post/article.

“They put me through this emotional rollercoaster exactly two years ago when AUSA Anita Eve informed my attorney that I’d be “charged within the week.” Then, they went silent for 20 months. Anyway, I got the call last night during an early dinner with my @theblaze team, who’d just completed work reviewing the Capitol CCTV video trove here in DC, after which I went back to my hotel and had an adrenaline crash. I was fast asleep by 8:30p.

“I’ll be back in NC later tonight and will post a more complete report about what we know and don’t know at this point.

“I want to thank everyone for their prayers and well wishes. As to the hundreds of comments from the clueless haters … please keep those cards and letters coming. Pay close attention going forward. You may actually learn something.

“Extra special thanks to @theblaze, @BlazeTV, @glennbeck, @docMJP, and all their hosts, producers, writers, and employees who’ve expressed their support for me during this process. Also, much love and thanks to the other media outlets reaching out to me with their support and offering the opportunity to share my story.

“Stay tuned. More to follow. Both on my personal J6 saga and the revelations of cover-up and corruption we’ve been revealing. Much more of that to come. I/we will not be silenced or hampered by this renewed attack against my work.”

During an interview with Emerald Robinson, Steve Baker discussed the letter below that was used during the Oath Keepers trials. Howard Dunn, a Capitol Hill police officer with a record of multiple disciplinary reports and a history of deception, wrote it. He denied he authored it. Rep. Jaime Raskin peddled it to the media, which promoted it, and they knew Dunn had written it.

Dunn should never have been allowed to testify, given his record. At the least, the defense attorneys for the Oath Keepers should have known about it. Everyone knew Dunn wrote it without the permission of his superiors.

In another interview with Glenn Beck yesterday, Mr. Baker explained that the FBI originally wanted to charge him with interstate racketeering.

The FBI said he must have known about the J6 riot, colluded with someone, and then profited rom it. That’s absurd since the entire press was there on J6.

Baker is preparing a big exposé, which is not sitting well with the FBI. He has access to the entire 41 hours of video.

He doesn’t know when a SWAT team will arrive at his door in the wee hours.