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M Dowling

NextImg:Behar: Trump Must Be Indicted to 'Preserve the Republic'

Hillary crowed about how she never prejudges anyone. Read the transcript or listen to the clip and see what you think.

“So I think that we have to wait, and we have to, we have to have, I think, two minds about this. No one is above the law, [applause] and the rule of law in a democracy, you know, has to be our standard. But we should not rush to judgment. We should take it seriously…we should be concerned about it, and we should follow the facts and the evidence…”

[No one is above the law except Hillary, Biden, Antifa, BLM, Democrats, all Bidens, etc. No one is talking about Biden’s illegal taking of documents.]

Also, the United States is not a democracy. It is a Constitutional Republic.

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In another clip, she said we wouldn’t have a country if Trump isn’t indicted for the [non-existent] insurrection.

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Behar also said that there is no honor to work in the Trump White House since “half of them are being indicted.” [Half of them are being attacked for political reasons.]

Sunny Hostin says Trump supporters are part of the “dumbing down of this country.” She flipped out about having construction workers “yelling Trump 2024” at her and Ana Navarro. She “told them they need to watch the January 6 committee hearings.”

If she wasn’t so dumbed down, she might realize, especially as a lawyer, that they were not hearings; they were a witch hunt with no rights given to the people they attacked.

As for Hillary’s comments, she lied. DJT could legally declassify the documents and did have them locked up. The FBI knew they were there, left them for months, and told him to put a second lock on the door, which he did immediately. His lawyers were negotiating with the DOJ when they stormed his home with an overly-broad search warrant.

On the other hand, Joe Biden was not legally allowed to take the documents within Hunter’s reach for years. Behar knows that, but ignores it.

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