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M Dowling

NextImg:188 Open Borders Orgs Call for Loosening Up Asylum & Parole

A group of 188 immigrant rights organizations [open borders groups], including the ACLU and United We Dream, are urging Congress not to make changes to the asylum system and humanitarian parole authority in negotiations over the foreign aid supplemental funding bill.

Calling such moves “cruel, ineffective and radical,” the advocates warn that the changes reportedly under consideration would only worsen the situation at the border — they instead advocate for more funding to improve processing and slash backlogs.

Biden will likely do what the open borders communists want.


Border agents told Ali Bradley that agents are told to deter but not stop illegal immigration. In the clip below, smugglers in Mexico roll up in an SUV. One jumps out, mocking agents, pretending he has a long gun pointed right at BORTAC and Border Patrol agents. At one point, the BORTAC Agent activates his taser, threatening the smugglers—smugglers can use long guns, and agents can use tasers. They send a guy over through the hole they cut in the wall.
They then send a family of dependents, new Democrats, through the hole.

It’s a mystery to me why the administration can’t be impeached for opening our borders to anonymous, unvetted people.

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The Lukeville crossing was closed temporarily. NewsNation has been reporting on the influx of migrants in Lukeville, capturing video of migrants crossing through the border wall and evading the Border Patrol.

In a statement, CBP said operations will be suspended so agents can be reassigned to help take migrants into custody. The closure applies to both foot and vehicle traffic.

Once they catch up, it will open for more masses of new Democrats to enter.