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2 Dec 2023

NextImg:Looking For Fun Christmas Gifts? Your Favorite Celeb Can Help.

Christmas shopping can be a chore if you have to do it all by yourself.

Luckily, you don’t have to do it alone ― thanks to your favorite celebrities.

Many stars of TV, film, sports and fashion have side hustles that can make for some cool Christmas gifts for fans and non-fans alike.

Who wouldn’t want to celebrate the holiday with Cardi B’s alcoholic whipped cream or Ed Sheeran’s hot sauce or Gwen Stefani’s beauty product line?

And, yes, it’s very possible your favorite celeb also has their own line of booze or cannabis, so you’re covered for New Year’s Eve as well.

Cardi B. Boozy Whipped Cream
Cardi B. has gone from "W.A.P." to "whipped alcoholic toppings," thanks to a partnership with Whipshots.
Jason Momoa Purified Water In Recyclable Bottle
Jason Momoa's new brand of purified water, Manalalu, comes in reusuable aluminum bottles to reduce the waste that comes from single-use plastic bottles.
Ed Sheeran Hot Sauce
Ed Sheeran is warming up the winter holidays with Tingly Teds, his own brand of hot sauce.
Travis Kelce Canned Tequila Cocktails
Football player and Taylor Swift paramour Travis Kelce is getting spirited with a line of tequila soda cocktails.
Gwen Stefani Beauty Products
Gwen Stefani is sitting pretty these days with her own brand of beauty products.
B-Real Of Cypress Hill Cannabis Brand
B-Real, of the seminal rap group Cypress Hill, is selling his own brand of cannabis to help fans stay "Insane in the membrane."
Nelly Moonshine
These days, when rapper Nelly is feeling "Hot In Herre," he can cool off with his own brand of moonshine.
Ciara White And Dark Rum
Rum is not a black-and-white issue to singer Ciara, who sells her Ten to One brand of booze in both dark and light varieties.
Christopher Lloyd Flux Capacitor Replica
If you're going to get a Flux Capacitor replica for that special someone, shouldn't it be autographed by Christopher Lloyd, the man who played Doc Brown in "Back to the Future"?
Travis Barker Temporary Tattoos
Travis Barker is helping people add a little edge to their life with his brand of temporary tattoos.
Giada De Laurentiis Pasta
Giada De Laurentiis is helping people use their noodle with her line of pasta.
Elizabeth Olsen Skin Care Products
Elizabeth Olsen is helping her fans keep their skin looking good with a line of facial serums.
Kevin Hart Tequila
Kevin Hart is sipping pretty these days with his own tequila brand.
Woody Harrelson Holistic Vodka
Woody Harrelson played a bartender on "Cheers," and now he's promoting his "holistic vodka."
Michael Buble Whiskey
Michael Buble's latest project is promoting whiskey.
Jennifer Garner Organic Snacks And Meals For Kids
Jennifer Garner has her own brand of organic snacks and meals for kids: Once Upon a Farm.
Jonathan van Ness and Antoni Porowski From 'Queer Eye' Pet Food
"Queer Eye" stars Jonathan van Ness and Antoni Porowski now have their own brand of pet food: Yummers.
Liev Shreiber Irish Whiskey
Actor Liev Shreiber is promoting the Slainte brand of Irish whiskey.
Lorna Luft Judy Garland Fragrance
Actor/singer Lorna Luft is promoting a unisex fragrance inspired by her mother, film legend Judy Garland.
Julie Bowen Kids Cleaning Products
"Modern Family" star Julie Bowen isn't kidding around these days. She has a company that makes cleaning products desigmed for kids.
Sofia Vergara Suncare Beauty Products
Sofia Vergara's newest project is a line of makeup featuring sun protection.
A$AP Rocky Canadian Whisky
Rapper A$AP Rocky is celebrating the holidays by promoting Mercer and Prince Canadian whisky.
Melissa Gilbert Green Prairie Dress
Former "Little House on the Prairie" star Melissa Gilbert is adding a modern twist to old-school fashion with a new brand appropriately called Modern Prairie.
Jennifer Lopez Cocktail Spritzes
Jennifer Lopez's latest project is a line of cocktail spritzes sold under the DeLolaLIfe brand.
Katy Perry Non-Alcoholic Apertifs
Katy Perry has a line of non-alcoholic apertifs marketed under the name "DeSoi."
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Glass Water Bottle
Think things just taste better in glass? So does model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who is promoting a stylish glass water bottle.
Matt Ryan Travis Mathew Polo Shirt
When pro QB Matt Ryan isn't playing football, he enjoys polo, specifically this polo shirt from Travis Mathew.
Odell Beckham Jr. Oral Care Products
Odell Beckham Jr. is brushing up on his oral hygiene with his own brand of electric toothbrushes.
Ja Rule RoseVine Cellars
Ja Rule once ruled the charts, and now he's hoping to rule the vineyards with his wine label.
Eric Church Whiskey
Country star Eric Church now has his own line of whiskey.
Zac Brown Wines
Singer Zac Brown is celebrating his success with his wine label.
Mitchell Tenpenny Cannabis
Country singer Mitchell Tenpenny has hit the charts with songs like "Drunk Me" and "Alcohol You Later," but these days he's partnering with on his own brand of cannabis.
Josh DuHamel Pro Survival Kit
Actor Josh DuHamel's latest project is promoting the Seventy2 Pro Survival System, a backpack kit that contains more than 60 professional-grade survival tools organized and ready to use at a moment’s notice. Because you never know.
Marsai Martin Glasses Collection
"Black-ish" actress Marsai Martin is curating a line of glasses for
Fred Taylor Mushroom Coffee
Former pro football running back Fred Taylor is getting a buzz these days promoting a line of mushroom coffee.
Tiki Barber Protalus Shoe Inserts
As a pro running back, Tiki Barber's feet were his livelihood. He's softening the steps with a line of shoe inserts.
Julianne Hough Blender Bites
Dancer/actor Julianne Hough is making the smoothie-making process easier with BlenderBites.
Conor MacGregor Apple Whiskey
UFC athlete/boxer Conor MacGregor has added an apple version to his Proper brand of whiskey.
Tom Segura Recycling Glory Hole
Comedian Tom Segura is hoping to make recycling easier with this "Glory Hole" featuring his face.
Miles Teller Finnish Long Drink
Miles Teller is hoping to interest Americans in a Finnish cocktail known as the "Long Drink."
Mark Wahlberg Tequila
When Mark Wahlberg isn't making movies, he's enjoying promoting FlechaAzul Tequila.
John Legend Official Neopets Ambassador.
Singer John Legend is now an official ambassador for Neopets, an immersive, online virtual pet game.
Lisa Loeb Eyewear
Musician Lisa Loeb has been as well-known for her glasses as for songs like "Stay" and "Taffy." So naturally she has her own line of eyewear.
Simu Liu Rose Lychee Ice Cream
When actor Simu Liu isn't starring in movies like "Barbie," he's the chief content officer at, where he promotes the brand's line of Asian dumplings and ice creams, including the rose lychee flavor.
Ed Begley Jr. Waterless Pet Shampoo
Long-time environmentalist and character actor Ed Begley Jr. now has a brand of waterless pet shampoo.
Lala Anthony Hair Care Power Potion
TV personality and actress La La Anthony is also the person behind the Inala brand of hair care products.
Tan France Cookware Collection
"Queer Eye" cast member Tan France has another project on his plate: Promoting his own line of cookware.
Lynyrd Skynyrd Hell House Whiskey
Lynyrd Skynyd has its own brand of booze, HellHouse Whiskey, which is perfect drinking when you feel free as a bird.
Taika Watiti Coffee/ Matcha Drink
Taika, a coffee and matcha brand, has partnered with director and actor Taika Waititi to be their chief creative officer.
Porn Star Lexi Luna Spice Rubs
Porn actor Lexi Luna not only has a spicy sex life, she also has her own spice rubs, marketed under the MeatSoHorny brand.
Supermodel Elsa Hosk Shave Set
Model Elsa Hosk is partnering with TrulyBeauty to promote a "glazed donut shave set" that presumedly works on more than pastries.
Ryan Hansen Coffee Brand
Ryan Hansen is best known for his roles on "Veronica Mars" and "Party Down," but the actor also hopes to get some buzz for his coffee brand.
Donavan McNabb 8th Wonder Tea
Pro football great Donavan McNabb is going from TDs to promoting the 8th Wonder Tea brand.
Wiz Khalifa Dr Dabber
It's common for celebs to have their own line of cannabis, but Wiz Khalifa is unique in that he has partnered with Dr. Dabber to create a vaporizer.
Lil Baby Axe Partnership
Rapper Lil Baby's latest project is partnering with Axe cologne.
NHL Player Zach Hyman Bubble Gum
Chew on this: When Zach Hyman isn't playing hockey with the Edmonton Oilers, he's selling his own brand of bubble gum.
Troy Aikman LIght Beer
NFL great Troy Aikman has another project brewing: His own line of light beer.
Carlos Santana Cannabis
Carlos Santana is known for steller guitar playing, but he's high on promoting his own line of cannabis as well.
Mike Love Canned Cocktails
Beach Boys lead singer Mike Love has turned one of the band's biggest hits, "Kokomo," into the brand name for a new line of canned cocktails.
24kGoldn Reptile Pet Care
Rapper 24kGoldn is promoting the reptile care brand Zilla with the help of his bearded dragon, Puff.
Bode Miller Sunglasses
Olympic skiier Bode Miller is partnering with Revo on a special collection of sunglasses.
Whitney Rose's Wild Rose Beauty skin care
"Real Housewives of Salt Lake City" cast member Whitney Rose is the founder and CEO of Wild Rose Beauty skin care.
Jill Zarin Pickleball Paddles
Jill Zarin, a former cast mber of "Real Housewives of New York," has teamed up with her daughter, Ally Shapiro, to create a line of designer pickleball paddles.
Pro Golfer Jon Rahm Tequila
After becoming a successful pro golfer, Jon Rahm is now taking a swing at his own line of tequila.
Ken Sims and Calvin Johnson Jr. CBD Products
Former Detroit Lions team members Ken Sims and Calvin Johnson Jr. are teaming up on a line of CBD products for athletic recovery.
Ivan Moody of Five Finger Death Punch Cannabis
Ivan Moody, lead vocalist for Five Finger Death Punch, launched his high-end cannabis line, Greenings, which features a variety of premium flower, infused pre-rolls and gummies.
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