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16 Dec 2023

NextImg:10 Delightful Kids Gifts From Walmart That You Can Still Get By Christmas
The Floor Is Lava game and toy guitar from Walmart
The Floor Is Lava game and toy guitar from Walmart

On an excitement scale of 0 to 10, kids during the holidays are at an 11. If you celebrate Christmas, you know the anticipatory thrill of seeing presents pile up under the tree — and know just how impossible it is to sleep on Christmas Eve. The same goes for kids whose family celebrates Hanukkah or Kwanzaa: Prepare for the wrapping paper to be torn to shreds as soon as you hand over your gifts.

So the big question remains: What are you going to give? Whether you are looking for STEM toys to foster development and growth, something snuggly, a way to get creative, or simply occupy a kid’s mind for hours, Walmart has you covered offering literally hundreds of gifts for kids of all ages. Rounded up here are 15 of the best to consider — and luckily, you can still get them in time for Christmas.

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A Barbie collectible for kids who loved the movie
If the little one on your holiday list is still watching Barbie on repeat, they’ll be tickled pink to have this collectible doll that looks just like Margot Robbie.
Magnetic toy tiles for kids 3 and up
By using their imagination to build with the tiles of various sizes and shapes, kids three and older will be developing their fine motor and problem solving skills with the help of these magnetic tiles. But really they’ll just be excited to show you what they made.
A Hot Wheels collector set
What would a car-loving kiddo like more than a Hot Wheels car? Twenty of them. This one has a mix of both vintage and modern models.
A glow-in-the-dark chemistry set
Made by Crayola, this chemistry set has instructions for 48 different science experiments, including an erupting volcano and slime — and they all glow in the dark! For just $23, that comes out to less than 50 cents an experiment.
A microscope for kids ages 3 and up
Designed for preschoolers, kids can use the Geosafari Jr. microscope to get an up-close look at anything they slide under it, like flowers, candy, or coins. The knobs and eyepieces were made with little ones in mind, so they’ll be comfortable to use and easy to operate.
A make-your-own slime kit
With this kit made for kids ages 5 to 12, kids can use the 18 colors to make their very own slime. It won’t just be your basic stretchy goo either. With foam balls, glow-in-the-dark colors, and glitter, the slimy results will be straight-up epic.

$18.99 at Walmart
A silly game you can play with them
Nothing beats the gift of quality time. You and the tykes on your holiday list will be crying laughing playing Yeti in My Spaghetti. The point is to pull the noodles out one by one without letting the yeti fall from the pile.
An interactive game that will get kids moving
If you like the idea of gifting a game but the kiddo on your holiday list has trouble sitting still, The Floor Is Lava will be more their speed. Using a spinner and foam blocks, they’ll (safely!) be leaping all around the room.
A musical piano mat
There’s something magical about making music with your toes. A musical piano mat instantly makes any kids’ room or playroom more fun. You’ll want to run across it too.
A mini guitar and mic
Have a budding rockstar on your hands? Foster their musical creativity with this mini guitar and mic stand. The mic actually works and the guitar lights up and plays 12 preset songs. Rock on!