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GB News
GB News
6 Jan 2024

NextImg:Peter Andre reflects on backstage chats with Kate Garraway as Derek Draper battled Covid

Kate Garraway “stayed strong” during her husband Derek Draper’s tragic Covid battle, Peter Andre has said.

The GB News presenter, who holds a close friendship with the ITV star, reflected on “backstage chats” they had while Draper battled with illness.

He said that while Garraway was living through an arduous period, she was always determined to “keep smiling”.

Asked by Ellie Costello about his relationship with the couple, Andre said “I know Kate very well.

Peter Andre and Kate Garraway

Peter Andre has paid tribute to Kate Garraway after her husband's death


“What’s sad about this story is we feel like we have gone through these past few years with them both.

“This has been the real story of Covid. A very sad end. Kate is just such a beautiful person.”

While working on ITV programmes, Peter Andre shared backstage conversations with Garraway as her husband struggled with Covid.

Andre said Garraway was determined to remain positive despite the turmoil inflicted upon her family.

“Whenever I saw her, we would talk”, he said.

“She would say how difficult things were, but she never really showed that to people.

Kate Garraway

Peter Andre said Garraway's children 'should not be forgotten'


“She stayed strong, always smiling. As you see her is exactly how she is.

“Such a kind, nice person.”

He added that while the focus should be on Garraway, their two children should not be forgotten.

“Let’s not forget about the kids”, he said.

“What this would have done for them, the process of seeing their dad unwell.

“Now Kate has to be mum as well.”

Andre’s co-host Ellie Costello waded into the discussion to agree with the sentiments put forward, branding Garraway an “incredible lady”.

“We send all of our love to Kate Garraway and the entire family. Our thoughts are with them”, she said.