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GB News
GB News
17 Feb 2024

NextImg:Local residents terrified of being 'Putin's first targets' living next to RAF nuclear base where US plans to store weapons

Local residents have been left terrified that they could be Putin's first targets if the Russian President chooses to bomb Britain, due to their proximity to an RAF base.

Villagers in Lakenheath, West Suffolk, fear they could be targeted if American nuclear bombs are stored at the RAF site nearby.

Last month it was revealed in Pentagon documents that RAF Lakenheath will store US nukes.

This will mark the first time in over a decade that America will store nuclear weapons on British soil.

Nuclear weapons stock with insets of Lakenheath

Villagers in Lakenheath are concerned with the plans for the US to station nukes at RAF Lakenheath

Getty/Wikipedia Commons/Google StreetView

As well as the weapons, two squadrons of the latest F-35 fighters will be stationed at the base, as well as a new £40million dormitory.

The new plans have added to local fears that they would become targets if the Russians decided to attack.

One concerned resident told the Sun: "I fear we will become one of the first targets if this conflict escalates.

"The enemy will want to neutralise any threat coming from the Americans and us and could well strike first. It doesn’t bear thinking about."

RAF Lakenheath

RAF Lakenheath will also have a new £40million dormitory


“This is a small happy village and we have got used to having the Americans here.

"But there is always the risk that if they get involved in a war in the Middle East we will inevitably be drawn in – and military bases like Lakenheath will become a key target for any enemy.”

Another local said that despite finding the jets "comforting" when they fly over the village, they're worried of what could happen if they were to be "involved in a real war".

Other residents however aren't frightened of the possibility of a Russian attack.

Alan Turner told the Sun: "People living here know what might happen one day – and they get used to it.

"In some ways it is good to have the Americans here because it gives us a sense of security – it’s no good us worrying about what might happen.”

Local district councillor Gerald Kelly said: “In terms of day-to-day life locals have learned to live with them even though having weapons stored here is abhorrent for some of them.

“We have Americans here living among us but we all hate the idea of a nuclear war and it would be excellent if there never is one.

"But we need a deterrent and we have co-existed with the Americans for many years.”