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GB News
GB News
16 Dec 2023

NextImg:Feisty electric vehicle debate: Car dealerships blamed for lack of uptake - 'get on board'

Car dealerships were told to “get on board” with Joe Biden’s green plans during a feisty GB News debate on the future of electric vehicles.

Joe Biden’s climate change agenda features a radical bid to make 67 per cent of new vehicles electric by 2032.

According to owner and attorney of The Bearman Firm, Ethan Bearman, the onus is on car dealerships if the plan is to be made a reality.

CEO of Baxter Auto Group, Mickey Anderson, argued that the demand is simply not there in America to justify such a transition.

Ethan Bearman and Mickey Anderson

Ethan Bearman and Mickey Anderson clashed


Speaking to Patrick Christys, the pair exchanged ideas on the matter, with Bearman stating: “Nobody rises to low expectations.”

“Putting it out there is important”, he added. “The consumer demand is actually there and I would suggest to my esteemed debating partner that dealerships are what needs to be addressed.

“Training sales people, educating them, getting the dealerships to install electric car chargers.

“Dealerships need to be wiser about the long term implications.”

Anderson snapped back: “The reality is, the limitations of these cars are well.

“There is a lot of range anxiety. This is not some irrational phobia, it’s the actual utility of the vehicle, particular in markets like Colorado.

Joe Biden

Joe Biden has introduced a radical car agenda


“These cars are just not practical solutions for the majority of Americans.

“You have Americans who need cars to get to work and take their kids to school, current electric vehicles are expensive and they just don’t have the infrastructure to make them useful to Americans today.”

Bearman hit back by suggesting that logistical problems with electrical vehicles will get to a stage where car owners will not have to go anywhere to get a solution.

“All cars are electric vehicles right now. The average combustion engine car has 23 computers onboard”, he said.

“The advantage of the new EV is that recall doesn’t mean any of those two million Tesla owners need to go anywhere to get that sorted.”

Anderson responded: “In 2023, the global car manufacturers entered the EV market in a big way.

“This discussion isn’t about whether these cars will eliminate carbon, they will, but they won’t if people don’t buy them and drive them.

“The reality is, the amount of rare earth minerals sourced primarily from China, the amount that goes into one Tesla could make 90 hybrids.

“The demand for hybrids right now is incredibly high. If we’re talking about removing carbon, there are so many bigger things that Americans can invest in today.”

Joe Biden has pressed hard to force the transition to electric vehicles with plans to build a network of 500,000 chargers across the country.

The project’s cost is an eye-watering $7.5 billion after Congress loosened the purse strings at the behest of the Biden administration in 2021.

The plan is a key cog of Biden’s climate change agenda, but the lack of electric chargers has dissuaded Americans from making the switch.