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GB News
GB News
17 Feb 2024

NextImg:Dean Cain weighs in on Superman's bisexual revelation: 'Stop changing characters to fit woke agenda!'

Superman actor Dean Cain has hit out at a recent DC Comics storyline that saw the iconic character come out as bisexual.

Speaking on GBN America, Cain delivered a clear message of “go woke, go broke” as he demanded a change of tack from the publishing group.

DC opted to pull the series that was centred on a bisexual Superman in 2022.

Superman: Son of Kal-El was launched in 2021, but after poor sales the comic book company announced that its 18th issue, released in December 2022, would be its last.

A picture from the bisexual Superman series and Dean Cain

Superman actor Dean Cain has hit out at 'woke' DC


Cain told Patrick Christys that this development is reflective on an audience that aren’t interested in “woke” storylines.

“It’s not brave or a new direction for Superman’s son to come out as gay, it would have been brave 20 years ago”, he said.

“Stop taking these characters that we know and love, whose values and morals have been there and have stood the test of time, and changing them to fit the current zeitgeist.

“Go woke, go broke. I don’t like seeing characters I’ve grown up with changing to fit the modern times.

“If you want to create a new superhero that does X, Y and Z, go ahead, but don’t change the current ones.

“The market have said they aren’t a fan of this as well because they’ve lost a ton.”

Joe Biden

Joe Biden is not fit to be president, according to Cain


Patrick Christys and Dean Cain

Dean Cain says there is a woke agenda at play at DC Comics

GBN America

In October 2021 Tom Taylor, who authored the series, told the New York Times that making Clark Kent a generic “white saviour” would be a “missed opportunity”.

In the axed series, the 17-year-old superhero embraced the challenging of various social issues such as climate change and the deportation of refugees.

The Superman actor also took the time to hit out at the state of the US political class, claiming Joe Biden is “not fit to be President”.

Cain told Patrick Christys: "I didn't think he was fit to begin with. He has flashes of lucidity of that nature, but I think everybody knows he's old and he's senile.

"Bless him, he's lived a long and and very, very good life I'm sure. But to be running the free world, I don't think he is fit for it."

Cain then claimed: "I don't think he's really the one doing it anyway. He's more of a a figurehead up there.

"I think there's the cabal of people behind him who prop him up, these puppet masters, and they're the ones pulling all the strings."