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Gateway Pundit
The Gateway Pundit
21 Oct 2023
Cullen Linebarger

NextImg:"Watch Your F***in' Mouth N*****!"- Unruly Children Allegedly Commit "Assault and Battery" on Cops After Being Told to Leave McDonalds Restaurant More Than 23 TIMES Due to "Fighting Behavior" (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Cullen Linebarger
Credit: Fall River Police Department

Fall River, Massachusetts – This is what happens when you combine a failing education system and a lack of proper parenting.

As WFTX reported, Fall River police released body cam footage showing eight unruly children showed a blatant disrespect for authority figures after refusing multiple lawful orders to vacate a McDonalds Wednesday afternoon. Fall River is located approximately an hour south of Boston.

Instead, the wild youths dropped a series of N-bombs, F-bombs, and other racial slurs. Then they allegedly assaulted the officers while crowding them.

WFTX reported the incident began after officer received a disturbing report about a large group of children causing a disturbance at a CVS just after 3 p.m. before learning that the group departed the store and entered the nearby McDonald’s.

Once police entered the fast food restaurant, management told the kids they “were not welcome to remain within the establishment due to the fighting behavior which had taken place.”

The officers then told the juveniles more than 23 TIMES to leave the McDonalds. But the youths instead responded with defiance.

One child was caught on camera dropping multiple slurs including “What are you gonna do about it, n*****? Freedom of speech, n*****! I know my fin’ rights, n**! Watch your fin’ mouth, n**! You n****** can’t touch no one, n*****! Suck my fin’ d, pu**y!'” They proceed to walk back into the McDonalds.


The police then say things took a turn after trying to arrest one juvenile inside the McDonalds for trespassing. They said that “as officers attempted to make an arrest for trespassing, the group began to interfere with the arrest by crowding the officers and attempting to interject themselves.” Under Massachusetts law, this qualifies as assault and battery on an officer.