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NextImg:USDA Rubber Stamps Public Sale of Lab Grown Meat Product — Public Expresses Concern | The Gateway Pundit | by Shawn Bradley Witzemann | 181

The United States Department of Agriculture is busier than ever — promoting it’s stated priorities — and it shows.

Now, USA Today reports that two companies, Upside Foods and GOOD Meat, were recently granted a “rubber stamp” from USDA to manufacture and sell their laboratory grown chicken products to the public.

In fact, the Frankenstein Meats are already being sold in San Francisco restaurants, and plans for rapid expansion are well underway.

Lab meatA screenshot from the Upside Foods website

As was previously reported by The Gateway Pundit, the FDA announced in 2022 that laboratory-grown chicken developed by Upside Food, is “safe to eat,” clearing the way for the public sales of cell-cultured chicken product.

Additionally, the news follows another report from The Gateway Pundit which detailed plans to construct the world’s largest cell-cultured, meat plant in San Sabastian, Spain.

While the world struggles with food supply problems brought on through the Covid scamdemic — further exacerbated by the ongoing conflict in Ukraine — many see lab-cultivated meat products as a reasonable means of addressing the issue.

A February report from Bloomberg, explains how the three biggest startups “raised more than $1.2 billion in combined venture funding to bring products to grocery shelves.”

But a Thursday report from Natural News details the intimate role of reviled billionaire Bill Gates in the launch of the industry.

Additionally, the Bloomberg report explains that while “leading scientists” are desperate to convince the public that cultured meat products won’t lead to skyrocketing cancer, “the industry doesn’t have the decades of data to prove it—so it’s trying to avoid the question instead.”

So while globalist-backed corporations attempt to alter the means of public nutrition — forever changing the way we eat protein —  it’s safe to say that vast numbers of people want nothing to do with it.

But as the USDA continues forward with the stated agenda to promote Racial Justice, Climate-Smart Agriculture, and New Market Opportunities, it’s highly unlikely that the will of the people is considered in much larger plans.