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NextImg:"This Thing Yesterday with Santos was 100% McCarthy - Go Back to Bakersfield - or Nuzzle Up with Your Roommate Frank Luntz" - Steve Bannon on Yesterday's RINO Revolt (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft

On Friday 105 RINO-Uniparty Republicans made the historic move to expel conservative Republican George Santos from Congress. Santos was the most conservative freshman member of Congress. He was vocal, a fighter, and supported Trump.  He needed to be dealt with. There were immediately rumblings that the Kevin McCarthy faction, of course, led the efforts to remove Santos and make it easier for Democrats to continue to destroy the country.

On Saturday morning, Steve Bannon called out Kevin McCarthy for being behind this unprecedented and dangerous move by the RINO establishment.

Bannon told McCarthy to “go back to Bakersfield” or “nuzzle up to your roommate Frank Luntz.”

Steve Bannon: This thing yesterday with Santos was to chop block Mike Johnson and the MAGA side. This is 100% McCarthy. 1000% McCarthy and his guys trying to put pressure. They’re never going to give it up. They want that power back. And for Kevin McCarthy, it’s time for you to go back to Bakersfield, California. Or at least step down from the House and go, you know, nuzzle up to your roommate Frank Luntz. Go hang out there. Put a fire on. Get the Christmas tree, get some hot cocoa, maybe have matching PJs. I mean, who knows? You’re a free man. Go do it.

Here are the 105.

Remember their names!

Primary them out! They don’t represent you!

– Aderholt, Alabama
– Allen, Georgia
– Amodei, Nevada
– Armstrong, North Dakota
– Bacon, Nebraska
– Balderson, Ohio
– Barr, Kentucky
– Bentz, Oregon
– Bergman, Michigan
– Bice, Oklahoma
– Buck, Colorado
– Bucshon, Indiana
– Burgess, Texas
– Calvert, California
– Carey, Ohio
– Carter (GA), Georgia
– Chavez-DeRemer, Oregon
– Ciscomani, Arizona
– Cole, Oklahoma
– Comer, Kentucky
– Crenshaw, Texas
– Curtis, Utah
– D’Esposito, New York
– De La Cruz, Texas
– Diaz-Balart, Florida
– Duarte, California
– Dunn (FL), Florida
– Edwards, North Carolina
– Ellzey, Texas
– Estes, Kansas
– Feenstra, Iowa
– Ferguson, Georgia
– Fitzpatrick, Pennsylvania
– Flood, Nebraska
– Foxx, North Carolina
– Franklin, Scott, Florida
– Garbarino, New York
– Garcia, Mike, California
– Gimenez, Florida
– Gonzales, Tony, Texas
– Granger, Texas
– Graves (LA), Louisiana
– Green (TN), Tennessee
– Grothman, Wisconsin
– Guest, Mississippi
– Guthrie, Kentucky
– Hinson, Iowa
– Houchin, Indiana
– Hudson, North Carolina
– James, Michigan
– Johnson (SD), South Dakota
– Joyce (OH), Ohio
– Joyce (PA), Pennsylvania
– Kean (NJ), New Jersey
– Kiggans (VA), Virginia
– Kiley, California
– Kim (CA), California
– LaHood, Illinois
– LaLota, New York
– Langworthy, New York
– Latta, Ohio
– LaTurner, Kansas
– Lawler, New York
– Letlow, Louisiana
– Lucas, Oklahoma
– Malliotakis, New York
– Maloy, Utah
– Mann, Kansas
– McClain, Michigan
– Meuser, Pennsylvania
– Miller (OH), Ohio
– Miller-Meeks, Iowa
– Molinaro, New York
– Moore (UT), Utah
– Moran, Texas
– Murphy, North Carolina
– Newhouse, Washington
– Nunn (IA), Iowa
– Obernolte, California
– Owens, Utah
– Pence, Indiana
– Pfluger, Texas
– Rogers (KY), Kentucky
– Rose, Tennessee
– Rouzer, North Carolina
– Rutherford, Florida
– Schweikert, Arizona
– Scott, Austin, Georgia
– Simpson, Idaho
– Smith (NJ), New Jersey
– Smucker, Pennsylvania
– Stauber, Minnesota
– Steel, California
– Steil, Wisconsin
– Thompson (PA), Pennsylvania
– Valadao, California
– Van Drew, New Jersey
– Wagner, Missouri
– Webster (FL), Florida
– Wenstrup, Ohio
– Westerman, Arkansas
– Williams (NY), New York
– Womack, Arkansas
– Yakym, Indiana
– Zinke, Montana

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