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Gateway Pundit
The Gateway Pundit
18 Nov 2023
David Greyson

NextImg:RAV's Ben Bergquam Shows How Bad Things Really Are in San Francisco, Bay Area: "They Are Showing Off to a Communist Dictator" (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by David Greyson

Real America’s Voice reporter Ben Bergquam was in San Francisco and parts of Oakland this week to show firsthand just how bad things have become. The trash pile city of San Francisco was made to look good for a communist murdering dictator but Ben showed us the rest of the area and how bad it still is.

Xi Jinping received a rockstar welcome in San Francisco on Wednesday. Communist flags draped the streets of San Francisco as Xi Jinping made his way to the APEC summit.

San Francisco greets Xi Jinping with streets lined with communist flags and a welcome parade.

“They are showing off to a communist dictator trying to make it look like this city is clean, when it is disgusting.” Bergquam said.

“You go right across the bridge, the Bay Bridge over to Oakland we are going to go there in a minute and show you the truth, show you what California really looks like.” “Drug use everywhere, BLM, all of these guys being protected by radical leftist DAs in all of these communities. That’s what the left does, they destroy everything they touch.” Bergquam said.

“They come after you for supporting America. They come after President Trump for putting America first. This is the death of our nation if we don’t stop it.”


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Ben went on to say that the left lets terrorists roam the streets and allows the invasion of the southern border. He also explained that once the show is over for the communist dictator, that San Francisco will revert back to being a cesspool.

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If they could clean up San Francisco in 2 weeks, that means they have the ability. Why won’t they just do that for the benefit of the citizens? It’s because the left hates America, plain and simple.