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Gateway Pundit
The Gateway Pundit
21 Oct 2023
Cullen Linebarger

NextImg:Petty Joe Biden Mocks Jim Jordan for Failure to Win Speaker Vote During Campaign Fundraiser and Throws Israel Under the Bus Before Heading to the Beach (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Cullen Linebarger

Joe Biden once again proved what a sad individual he is on Friday after making fun of Jim Jordan for failing to win the Speakership and throwing Israel under the bus.

Cristina Laila previously reported Biden had a summit meeting with European Union leaders Friday where struggled with his notes and told a whopper of a lie, claiming he once awarded Uncle Frank a Purple Heart for his actions during the Battle of the Bulge.

Biden mocked Jim Jordan for his failure to win the Speakership. “He just got his rear end kicked,” said the petty little man.

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Biden at the same fundraiser also dumbly speculated that Hamas may have attacked Israel because he “was about to sit down with the Saudis.” Of course, this is nonsense because all evidence shows the Hamas assault was well-planned in advance.

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Not done making an embarrassment of himself, Biden answered “yes” in response to a question from a reporter while boarding Air Force One regarding whether Israel should delay their ground invasion to allow more hostages to be released.

Israel Defense Forces (IDF) astutely point out that this is exactly what Hamas wants. So Biden just threw Israel under the bus with this insane remark.

Sensing the firestorm to come, Biden’s handlers quickly ran cover for Old Joe.

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America in all honesty is probably at her safest with Biden lounging on a Delaware beach. Let’s hope the American people can send him on permanent vacation come 2024.