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NextImg:Let's Get Ready to Rumble: Climate Terrorists vs Gender Occultists - The Battle of Wokeness Derails London Pride Parade (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft | 120

Source: Just Stop Oil/Twitter

Buckle up, folks! It appears the woke are waking up to the wokeness within their ranks.

In an unexpected turn of events, LGBTQ+ supporters of the eco-terrorist group, Just Stop Oil, disrupted the Pride in London parade, blocking none other than Coca-Cola’s float and splashing the streets with a generous coat of black and pink paint. And you thought Pride couldn’t get any more colorful!

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Apparently dissatisfied with Pride’s lack of condemnation for new oil and gas licenses, the activist from Just Stop Oil decided to transform the parade into their own personal protest zone.

“LGBTQ+ supporters of Just Stop Oil met with the organisers of Pride in London, demanding they make a statement condemning new oil and gas licences,” the group said in a statement.

“Pride in London have failed to do this, so we have taken action,” the group added.

Interestingly, their target was Coca-Cola, world-renowned for their fizzy drinks and, as it turns out, their reputation as the world’s biggest plastic polluter.

“Pride is a protest. But Pride in London allows destructive industries such as Coca-Cola, who are the world’s biggest plastic polluter and who have been accused of numerous human rights abuses, to co-opt it and pinkwash themselves.”

The group added, “who do you think will be the first to suffer the consequences of societal collapse? It will be marginalised communities, such as the LGBTQ+ community.”

“Pride have a responsibility to take action to protect their community, and they are failing.”

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So, who won the Battle of Woke?